Benefits of digital contact tracing tools

Organizations in every industry are focusing on keeping employees and customers safe, while minimizing the impact on day-to-day operations. Digital contact tracing offers a low-touch, automated and scalable solution using wearable, digital badges.

While traditional contact tracing is slow and unreliable, a digital platform has the ability to respond faster with greater accuracy. And, it’s designed to integrate seamlessly with existing workflows.

Features include:

  • Anonymized and secured information
  • Automatic notification delivery
  • Proximity and time-stamp data
  • Integration with other systems

Devices to meet your needs

Modern contact tracing methods can accommodate many use cases to securely associate the device to a user. For example, employees or visitors can use a self-service kiosk to check in upon arrival and check out before departure.

The devices

Wearable device

Worn on a lanyard or around your wrist, these lightweight devices are minimally intrusive.

Smart badge

With low cost and long battery life options, badges offer a combination of flexibility and durability.

The technology


Bluetooth® Low Energy is used to connect small devices and works well in indoor spaces, where GPS has difficulty finding signal.


Helpful in supporting IoT technology, these devices cache contact events and securely transmit them via a LoRaWAN gateway.

Contact tracing for business

Contact tracing solutions can incorporate into your employee’s daily routines with minimal disruption to workflows and productivity. With a quick and secure notification system, you can inform a teammate of their potential exposure and encourage them to stay home and follow health guidelines.

Contact tracing proximity sensor concept

Benefits of digital contact tracing

Manual contact tracing has been around for decades, but the process can be tedious and unreliable. Digital methods improve accuracy and save time by relying on proximity sensors and location technology instead of people’s memory.

Digital contact tracing:

  • Keeps information anonymous and secure
  • Minimizes human error
  • Offers data for analysis
  • Quickly sends notifications

Ensuring employee security

Protecting identity and personal information is a top concern. We can establish an effective digital contact tracing solution that is anonymized and secure.

No identifiable information

If your employees come into contact with someone who tested positive, the identity of either party is never revealed.

No personal data

Instead of employee names or badge numbers, the information associated with a wearable device can be randomly assigned.

Strict user permissions

Robust user permissions and identity access controls can place restrictions on who has access to data.

Connected platform IoT concept

Creating an intelligent solution

Contact tracing can be integrated with the Connected Platform for Detection and Prevention, a solution designed to help detect for symptoms and prevent the spread of disease.

This cloud-based, IoT-enabled platform provides data analysis and real-time insights. It can be connected with thermal cameras, social distancing sensors and other technology.

Contact tracing notification app concept

Critical data and quick notifications

On a single pane of glass you’ll be able to see data visualizations and identify patterns of how people are behaving. With this information, your organization could improve areas that need attention and adjust high-flow locations to promote distancing.

A flexible notification system allows you to notify a person as soon as possible in a variety of methods, including push alerts and email.

Create your prevention strategy.

We’ll help you deploy a contact tracing solution that gives your business real-time health data.