Project Edison emergency alerts displayed through social media application

Share data between devices and people.

Details save lives. Social media is often the only source of real-time reports during an emergency, but it’s not always trustworthy.

Use Internet of Things (IoT)-connected sensors to increase your ability to gather data and make informed decisions. Our solution helps you prepare better, respond quicker and send vital information to those in need.

University student getting Project Edison fire alert on phone

Benefits of Connected Platform for Safety

A direct and personalized line of communication enables you to send exit instructions to anyone nearby. And users at an incident can relay helpful information back to city staff, security personnel and first responders.

A convenient way to enhance peace of mind

You can quickly deploy an IoT-enabled security feature with Connected Platform for Safety. It‘s built on a scalable platform that we’ll configure according to your unique requirements.

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This cloud-enabled platform can be designed to match your needs as a stand-alone tool or integrated with existing infrastructure.

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We’ve worked extensively with Microsoft as a trusted partner to help create our Azure-powered solution aggregator.

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Ease of use and clear user intent are at the center of the solution. We’ll work with you to build an innovative safety network.

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Designed to address a variety of challenges

Not all incidents are the same. Cities, businesses and schools need a notification system that can flex to each situation and environment — sending information accurately and quickly.

We’ll help you create a custom application that lets you swiftly assess and communicate during stressful events. That way, you can ensure everyone — from bystanders to first responders — knows what to do.

The first line of defense

You can’t be everywhere at once. Place IoT-connected sensors in strategic locations to streamline your safety efforts. The devices report to a centralized hub, providing location-based and contextual data.

Outlined icon of button being pressed

In-room buttons

Once pressed, alarms send alerts to the Safe Spaces emergency notification system.

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Color-coded lights

Signals based on proximity to danger guide people to safety with red, yellow and green illumination.

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Sound sensors

Installed sound indicators help you monitor unusually loud noises so you can send someone to investigate.

Outlined icon of floorplans

Interactive floorplans

Provide administrators and first responders with immersive building plans for accurate reporting.

Outlined icon of security systems

Security systems

Integrate security camera systems, alarms and access control panels to ensure safety across buildings.

A better way to coordinate in critical moments

See how a school district increases student safety by equipping first responders with life-saving information using Connected Platform for Safety, BeSafe Technologies and the Microsoft® Azure® platform.

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