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Unlock value with dynamic technology solutions.

E-procurement systems and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms have made purchasing faster and more streamlined for many businesses.

Any integration and interoperability experience you choose needs to support the exchange of data without manual intervention. At Insight, we’ll help you consolidate purchases, reduce costs and minimize errors with our custom integration solutions.

How will procurement integration help your business?

An e-procurement solution can deliver significant cost savings — but only if properly integrated with supplier systems. By integrating your online purchasing catalog, you’ll:

Gain product access.

Access product information, availability and custom pricing for your entire catalog.

Extend purchasing power.

Boost productivity for end users by simplifying purchasing and controlling maverick spending.

Shorten purchase cycles.

Reduce purchasing time while increasing order accuracy and free resources for critical tasks.

Streamline reconciliation.

Make reconciliation easier and more efficient with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) processes.

Colleagues take collaborative approach to finding integration solutions

We offer a defined and collaborative approach.

We’re committed to making your procurement integration a success. Our defined approach includes an assigned project manager to coordinate all of the details of your integration. Our project managers have experience in large and small integration projects.

We’ll collaborate with your IT department to ensure a smooth, cost-effective integration. This helps tailor our integrated solution to your current and future needs and deliver it on time.

What’s included with Insight’s system integration?

Punch-out/round trip

Gain simplified ordering access to your current punch-out catalog from your preferred e-procurement system.

Integration methods

Get a secure process supported by industry-standard integration formats such as EDI, XML, cXML and API technology.

Invoice transmission

You can send and receive invoices via EDI — which means you won’t have to type or fax important documents.

Solution providers supported

We have experience integrating with the leading e-procurement solution providers and support standards developed and maintained by the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12.

E-procurement solution providers supported
Ariba XML PeopleSoft
Coupa Perfect Commerce
ePlus SAP
Exostar SciQuest
ExpenseWatch xCBL Tungsten
Global Healthcare Exchange Tradeshift
Hubwoo Taulia
Oracle Exchange Vinimaya
Oracle iProcurement Workday

Integration formats and documents supported

Complete business transactions electronically with improved speed and accuracy. We support a variety of integration methods and documents, including:

Integration formats/methods supported
EDI document support
EDI transactions via AS2, FTP, or VAN 850 – Purchase Orders
810 – Invoices 855 – Purchase Order Acknowledgements
820 – Payment Orders 856 – Advance Ship Notices
824 – Application Advice 857 – Shipment and Billing Notification
830 – Planning Schedule 860 – Purchase Order Changes
832 – Price Catalogs 997 – Functional Acknowledgements

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