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Workplace Tech Impacts Hiring, Worker Retention, Survey Finds

by Wall Street Journal

Chief information officers focusing most of their attention on digital tools aimed at boosting customer or client services may be neglecting another key group of enterprise tech users: their co-workers.

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Two more Arizona companies join Fortune 500, pushing state total to six

by KTAR News

Insight Enterprises moved up 56 spots, giving the Tempe technology business the 22nd-biggest jump among firms from last year’s list.

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Cloud migration planning: Assess workloads now to avoid trouble later

by TechTarget

Organizations that take the time to assess workloads, identify dependencies and educate themselves on cloud security tools can set a smooth path for a public cloud deployment.

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IT Now Means 'Intelligent Technology,' and Businesses Need to Step Up

by Fortune Magazine

The CEO of Insight Enterprises has a warning for American business leaders. The world, he says, is shifting from old “information technology” to cutting edge “intelligent technology” and if you don’t embrace the changes you will lose. Ken Lamneck is talking about the importance of tech innovations like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things that are built into so many products.

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Executive Inc.: Westpoint, the Army and Silicon Valley tech helped grow Ken Lamneck into Insight's CEO

by Hayley Ringle

As a pre-teen growing up in a family of eight children in New York, Ken Lamneck enjoyed watching his father work in advertising, even getting to be an extra in a couple TV commercials. His father, Joe, was a producer for TV commercials, and the younger Lamneck saw the "Mad Men" generation live.

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Ken Lamneck, CEO, Insight Enterprises Shares How Technology Will Drive The B2B Enterprise.

by The CEO Forum

Insight CEO Ken Lamneck speaks with radio host Robert Reiss on the need for businesses to consider their IT from a strategic perspective. The rapidly changing state of technology demands that companies not just manage their IT needs today but have a long-term vision of how the business should transform through its tech.

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How IT can both deliver business value and 'keep the lights on'


While IT used to be limited to silos within an organization, today it is everywhere as more and more businesses become IT companies at heart. One of the dangers they face is that of “legacy suffocation,” where daily maintenance churn increasingly drains IT budgets and leaves diminishing funds for innovations. These companies gradually fall behind in the marketplace, sales slump, and it gets ever more difficult to attract the talent that could correct the situation.

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Insight Enterprises, Inc. Reports Fourth Quarter and Record Full Year 2017 Results

In the fourth quarter of 2017, consolidated net sales increased 22% year over year, reflecting growth in the Company's core business of 12% and the addition of Datalink, which the Company acquired in January 2017. Gross profit also grew 22% year over year, with gross margins increasing 10 basis points in the quarter. Selling and administrative expenses increased 27% year over year, primarily related to the addition of Datalink. Overall, earnings from operations increased 12% year over year and Adjusted earnings from operations increased 5% year over year.

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Integrated IT: The changing role of technology across organizations

by Help Net Security

The role that IT is playing in business is changing: 85% of the IT professionals surveyed by Insight noted that their executives view the organization as an IT company at heart. This finding inspired Insight to field a follow-on survey of 104 CIOs/CTOs and 105 Procurement professionals, to better understand how this evolution has affected IT at enterprise-level companies.

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Security concerns pushing IT to channel services - research

by Channelnomics

According to Insight's 2018 Intelligent Technology Pulse, a survey of 209 decision-making IT professionals in companies with at least 1,000 workers, 60 percent of CIOs/CTOs and 49 percent of procurement say security is one of their top three biggest challenges. A third of CIOs/CTOs and a quarter of procurement rank it as number one.

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The challenges facing IT in tech-centric business environment


A new survey[1] has found a major change in the role that IT is playing in business: 85% of the IT professionals surveyed noted that their executives view the organisation as an IT company at heart. This finding inspired Insight to field the follow-on study, the 2018 Intelligent Technology Pulse, a survey of 104 IT executives (“CIO/CTO”) and 105 procurement professionals (“Procurement”), to better understand how this evolution has affected IT at enterprise-level companies.

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Study: CIO and CTO execs, procurement pros ID common pain points

by TechTarget

An Insight Enterprises survey of CIO and CTO executives and procurement professionals finds agreement between IT and business operations on typical technology pain points.

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