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What You Need to Know About Containers

by Charles Babcock

Adopting containers is "a strategic step" toward moving into a DevOps type of organization, where operations staff and developers both take responsibility for how well applications run. "The two things really on each other," said Chou. Likewise containers lend themselves to applications built as microservices. "We want people to connect all the dots, to make the link to microarchitectures and to a data collection solution on the Internet of Things," he said. Containers will have a major impact on IT and how the business is run in the long run. Chou said cloud computing has accustomed many enterprise users to the notion of on-demand service. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, they'll expect new tools, applications and services to be available quickly when they want them. "From the IT point of view, I need to be able to respond in a predictable, repeatable and cost effective way" to that need for on-demand service. Containers will be part of that picture, he predicted.

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5 Ways Big Corporations Protect Their Data That Small Businesses Should Copy

by Rob Starr

Cyber attacks that steal sensitive data are an ongoing concern for every organization. Almost half (43 percent) target smaller businesses. What’s worse, over half (60 percent) of the smaller enterprises that get attacked go out of business in six months. Having sensitive financial, personal and operational data stolen can ruin a small business. Stolen records and transaction histories can be used to steal from the small or medium sized business or its customers and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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What to Look for in Collaborative Tools

by Dennis McCafferty

"Collaboration is not a new concept," writes Doug Fink, Insight's practice director for collaboration. "We've evolved from smoke signals to wired phone calls and from sticky notes to videoconferencing with colleagues half a world away. Today's businesses are more efficient and productive than ever, in large part due to cloud-based collaboration tools."

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DevOps Comes of Age

by Lisa Morgan

"The advent of the cloud means that infrastructure is now defined as code and not physical machines, so the act of doing operations is closer to software development than it ever was before," said Bob Familiar, director, national practice at interactive design and technology architecture firm, BlueMetal.

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Stop Relying on Your Company for Career Development

by Mike Guggemos, Insight CIO

Taking control and creating opportunity does not have to be part of a grand scheme or something that will eat away at your productivity. In fact, it comes down to basics. Introduce yourself, shake people’s hands, and get comfortable with putting yourself out there. If you are interested in a particular area, even if it isn’t related to your education, background, or current job focus, find out who the manager is—and introduce yourself in person.

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Why Collaboration is Critical in Technology Acquisition

by Lisa Morgan

"You hear a lot about collaboration today but when you talk to these people, they're still siloed," said Curt Cornum, VP and chief solution architect at global technology provider Insight Enterprises. "Even within the IT department, when you get into those types of conversations they're not talking to each other as much as they should."

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Why the Human Element Is Key to Health Care IT

by Dash Lunde

When your business is saving lives, IT deployment shouldn’t add to your burden. Building the right relationship with a loyal provider can save you time and money in the long run. Health care professionals are highly specialized and crucial to our society. “These people have full-time jobs,” says TJ Reusch, Director of Healthcare Sales at Insight, “They save lives and run organizations that save lives. They’re very important to not just their organizations but to society as a whole. That takes a lot of time and a lot of effort.” While advances in technology continue to make the job easier, staying on top of IT trends while forming implementation and deployment strategies that fit the unique needs of a health care facility can be unnecessarily time-consuming and detract from the important work of saving lives.

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7 stops on the consumer-driven healthcare IT journey

by Debbie Malone

Patients are increasingly looking at their healthcare options with a consumer-driven mindset. They want to get the very best care for their money, and when expectations aren’t met, word can spread fast through reviews and ratings on social media. This trend is driving a shift in the industry toward value-based care models that put patients first.

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Business Guide to Cloud Backup

by Joanna Furlong

David Mayer, vice president of product management software, Insight, a global IT solutions provider, looks at it this way: "The benefits of cloud-based backup come down to two scenarios, first being cost. Hard drive space, which is the primary component needed for backup, costs pennies per GB. The economy of scale that these massive cloud providers are able to achieve from a purchase perspective is pretty amazing." "Secondly, cloud backup provides automation capabilities, which requires a lot less human intervention and is less error prone, particularly compared to backups of the past."

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Here's Who Made Gartner's 2017 Magic Quadrant For Managed Workplace Services

by Matt Brown

Insight now has about 100 service desk agents in the U.S. and a little more than a dozen in the U.K., according to Gartner. The Arizona-based company also provides on-site desktop services through 379 technicians. Insight supports 42,800 service desk users, 532,000 desktop users, 361,000 physical desktops/notebooks, 1,500 virtual desktops, and approximately 58,000 smartphones and tablets, Gartner said.

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Workplace collaboration providers battle over usability, pricing and integration

by Justine Brown

"We are seeing the proliferation of both new and next generation technologies specifically designed with simplicity and the non-tech end user in mind," said Doug Fink, director of the collaboration practice at Insight. "This will help ensure that your employees use them and that they generate their promised return on investment."

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RSA Conference 2017: Ziften, Teramind make channel partner moves

by John Moore and Spencer Smith

• Collaboration technology is top of mind for business professionals and will only become more crucial in the next couple of years. That's a key finding of a survey of 421 Harvard Business Review readers undertaken by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services and sponsored by IT solutions provider Insight. More than 80% of the respondents cited collaboration technology solutions as very or extremely important for meeting business goals at present, while 90% said they expect collaboration technology to be very or extremely important over the next two years.

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Collaboration key to achieving business goals

by Thor Olavsrud

"Collaboration is not a new concept," Doug Fink, director, Collaboration Practice at Insight, which sponsored the report, wrote in its preface. "People have worked together to achieve goals since the dawn of time. But collaboration technology is much more recent. We've evolved from smoke signals to wired phone calls and sticky notes to videoconferencing with colleagues half a world away. A lot has changed."

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The 5 Hottest Events at Phoenix Startup Week

by Conor Cawley

The first keynote speech of Phoenix Startup Week will discuss how to build a fortune 500 company. Moderator Zach Ferres, CEO of Coplex, will sit down with Tim Crown, cofounder of Insight, and Mike Guggemos, CIO of Insight, to discuss Crown’s startup experiences and highlight essential technology lessons from Guggemos, which can help startups scale their businesses.

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Insight reports revenue and earnings boost, hiring 60

by Hayley Ringle

Insight Enterprises Inc. reported a 6 percent boost in revenue and a 37 percent increase in profit year over year due to growth across north America, Europe and Asia Pacific in hardware, software and services in its most recent quarter.

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Sky’s the limit as SixPivot strikes Cloud Ctrl deal with Insight

by James Henderson

SixPivot has signed on Insight Enterprises as a worldwide solutions partners for its cloud management platform, Cloud Ctrl, as the start-up executes on local and global expansion plans. Cloud Ctrl is a multi-cloud service management platform, designed to provide customers with greater insights and financial control of cloud subscriptions.

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Insight partners with Australian cloud management startup SixPivot

by Michael Jenkin

Australian cloud management application developer SixPivot has entered a partnership with leading IT provider Insight Enterprises in a move that will see that application applied across the world.

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Is enough being done to prevent healthcare security breaches?

by Debbie Malone

Making IT security a top priority when budgeting is also key to fighting threats and minimizing vulnerabilities. “Cybersecurity spend for healthcare protection will only reach $10 billion globally by 2020, just under 10% of the total spend on critical infrastructure security,” says Cea. “Ensure you are getting the proper risk assessments completed and are able to be proactive instead of reactive. It will save the organization money in the long run.”

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Big Data Facts Highlight Its Trendsetting Surge

by Curt Cornum

When scaling up, small to mid-market businesses should hire employees who can grow into one of three positions: business, data, or analytics. Think of a savvy manager, a data-smart engineer or a skilled data scientist. However, one employee should not be expected to perform all three roles, as specialization and velocity would be compromised, diminishing visibility and stalling a business’s analytics growth. Instead, a team should be formed around each function. If a small to mid-market business can’t afford that level of initial investment, it should start with a few strategic hires and supplement as needed with an outside partner.

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Conway Area Chamber of Commerce adds 7 members to the board

by Jeanette Anderton

Julie Gillaspy of Acxiom, Sarah Murphy of Conway Human Development Center, Joanne Nabholz of H+N Architects, David Hicks of Preferred Medical, Chris Boudrie of Kimberly Clark, Chris Coffman of Insight Enterprises and Mayor Bart Castleberry will round out the 32-member board.

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Intel Unveils IoT Retail Platform, Plans Huge Investment

by Edward Gately

Ryan Parker, Intel’s head of responsive retail, tells Channel Partners the platform can be obtained from the company’s channel alliances, including Arrow Intelligent Systems, as well as current partners like Smartrac, Tyco Retail Solutions, Detego, Insight/Bluemetal, RIoT Insight and Fujitsu/Globeranger.

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CRN Exclusive: Cisco Americas Channel Leader On VIP, Meraki, APIs And The Biggest Channel Initiatives In 2017

by Mark Haranas

We also see that some of our top partners are embracing APIs like World Wide Technology has acquired Asynchrony. Insight [Enterprises] has acquired BlueMetal. They're doing very innovative things to show value and differentiation through software capabilities. It plays to a number of different ways we're thinking about software, but APIs are becoming increasingly important.

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3 Ways Shadow Analytics May Be Working Against You

by Lisa Morgan

"What's driving shadow analytics is the desire for data in real time and near real time -- marketing, lines of business, product owners, and manufacturing environments. It can show up almost anywhere if IT has not provided those capabilities, an X-as-a-service, on-demand, self-service experience," said Bob Familiar, national practice director for Application Services at BlueMetal, Insight’s interactive design and technology architecture firm.

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CRN Exclusive: Global Knowledge Hires First-Ever Channel Chief, Launches Massive Partner Offensive

by Michael Novinson

Insight Enterprises believes that Global Knowledge's new GTC program will give customers more flexibility to consume courses over time, according to David Mayer, vice president of product management and software. The previous selling model requires end users to bid out a small portion of the overall budget for individual training courses, Mayer said, which often aligned poorly with how clients prefer to budget. Mayer said the GTC model will also enable Tempe, Ariz.-based Insight, No. 15 on the CRN SP 500, to move away from a project-based approach and engage with clients in more long-term strategic thinking. "They're making the right investment," Mayer said. "We're bullish on where they're at and where they're going."

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The Doyle Report: Five Things That Great Employers Offer

According to surveys, more than 90 percent of employees at Insight said the company “has a great atmosphere and provides challenging work” while 95 percent said they “take great pride in their association with Insight as an employer.”

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Datalink Shareholders Approve The Sale of Company to Insight Enterprises

Datalink shareholders have overwhelmingly approved the sale of the company to Insight Enterprises and $10.5 million in payouts to the company's top executives and its board. The acquisition is expected to close on Jan. 6, according to SEC filings.

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Will record stock rally last in 2017?

by Russ Wiles

Hundreds of stocks burst out of the starting blocks following the election, including several Arizona companies that stand to benefit from a more relaxed regulatory climate.

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