Enabling intelligent IT purchasing

Maximize your school district’s investments with robust tools, automated features and expert guidance using our education purchasing and procurement solutions. We’ll help you acquire, implement and manage technology that supports learning.

Smarter shopping

Through our education purchasing contracts, your school can take advantage of discounts and get technology from top manufacturers.

Greater visibility

From automatic order tracking and reporting to approval workflows, you can easily manage purchasing activity to maintain compliance.

More efficiency

Our centralized e-procurement platform helps you streamline operations with custom catalogs and shipping options from a single portal.

Simplified software licensing

Giving your students, teachers and staff modern software shouldn’t be a hassle. By combining our network of top publishers and advanced tools, we’ll help you develop a software lifecycle strategy that increases savings.

Make better software procurement decisions with support from:

  • Software specialists
  • Volume license contracts
  • Software asset management tools & services
  • Promotion and product announcements
IT services for education

You need devices.
But where do you start?

At Insight, we offer IT services that take you from planning and purchasing to deployment and management. Need help integrating your new technology? We can do that, too.

Support representative talking with client

Test your system before buying new IT.

Don’t add new technology before you know what you need. We’ll conduct a wireless assessment to test access points and find out if your Wi-Fi is up to speed.

We’ll also run a network assessment to ensure your infrastructure is running smoothly.

4,800+ IT experts

Extend the effectiveness of your team with our IT consultants, technical architects and service professionals.

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Simplify device rollouts.

If you’re organizing a large technology rollout, we can help. We’ll match the right assets and deployment strategy to your goals and deliver it seamlessly through our ISO 9001:2015-certified facilities. We can test and set up devices to ensure they’re ready for use on day one.

Our comprehensive integration services
can help your school district with:

  • Deployment
  • Tagging
  • Imaging
  • Staging
24/7 network security monitoring

24/7 monitoring and security

24 hours a day, seven days a week, we staff a Network Operations Center that provides proactive monitoring and management of your network infrastructure.

Get maintenance and security, as well as remote and on-site system access. This includes operational reporting with the critical information you need to run your school or district.

Rapid repairs and safe disposal

If a device stops working, it can throw off an entire classroom. We offer rapid repair services and put parallel equipment in place — so you don’t miss a step. And we carefully dispose of your equipment to make sure your data remains protected.

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Enlist our expertise.

Our team of IT experts will listen to your needs and challenges, and then help you with a thoughtful plan to get you where you need to be. We offer a variety of services, from assessment to deployment, management and tech support.