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We’re continually expanding and strengthening our services to better serve you. When you partner with Insight for Digital Innovation, you get access to our full spectrum of experience and expertise.

  • Optimize business — Gain a cutting edge guided by machine learning and advanced analytics.
  • Engage customers — Create captivating digital experiences that deepen customer loyalty.
  • Empower workforce — Leverage automation, applications and tools to improve employee productivity.
  • Enhance products — Modernize applications and offerings to maximize earning potential.

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Our proven approach to get results

We use an iterative design process that turns concepts into meaningful business outcomes. Throughout the project, we’ll work with your stakeholders to ensure the final result meets your business goals.


Collaboration is prioritized from the beginning. We’ll build a strategy based on user needs and opportunities. This step involves a business case envisioning session, environment assessment and architectural design session.

A high-level definition of the addressable business and project statement of work is delivered during this stage. We also provide:

  • Environment and artifact review
  • Transformation opportunity roadmap
  • Project approach vision
  • Phased design and development plan
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Envision and plan

With the statement of work established, we find your organization’s best technological fit by defining strategic goals, discovering user requirements and conceptualizing the architecture. A competitive analysis is also done to capture industry trends.

Now, we’re ready to develop an execution plan that includes:

  • Product brief with technical specifications
  • Project timelines, resource plan and cost estimates
  • Prioritized backlog
  • Success and exception metrics
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Detailed design

Foundational elements and structure are formed with detailed documentation of the front-end user experience. The design will encompass user experience, visual design and technical exercises to identify the delivery team’s requirements.

We begin to build user stories and acceptance criteria, delivering:

  • Defined acceptance criteria
  • Annotated wireframes
  • High-fidelity visual design explorations
  • Component library and style guides
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Develop and stabilize

Your custom technology is refined until it’s in a fully operational state. Before code is released as the beta version and consumer-ready product, we seek stakeholder approval to ensure organizational objectives are met.

Rigorous acceptance and quality assurance testing is performed throughout the project’s development. You’ll also get:

  • Technical support team documentation
  • Sprint reviews and demos
  • Analysis and recommendations based on usability testing
  • Security penetration tests
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Throughout the process, our project team encourages stakeholder buy-in through frequent interactions. These inspections help us solve challenges early to ensure positive outcomes occur quickly and smoothly.

Our iterative model involves:

  • Project planning to align priorities, estimate workloads and pull in backlog items.
  • Touch bases that inform the team what’s been accomplished, what’s planned and roadblocks that need to be addressed.
  • Periodic reviews that showcase completed features to get immediate stakeholder feedback.
  • Checkpoints to discuss what’s working or not and build creative improvement solutions.
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A long-term partnership between your organization and Insight begins after deployment. We follow a management roadmap that ensures sustainable innovation, supports digital transformation and provides first-line support.

Partnering with us after go-live, you’ll get:

  • A smooth transition to managed services
  • Continuous design and technical planning
  • Maintained feature request and bug triage backlog
  • Tiered support based on program requirements
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