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Achieving better care
at lower costs

Healthcare organizations are under more pressure than ever to improve care quality while simultaneously reducing delivery costs. In addition, aging populations are requiring more care from fewer available clinicians.

Insight is focused on solving healthcare’s biggest challenges to improve clinical and business operations intelligence to optimize care outcomes. We’re equipped to:

  • Develop a value-based cloud data and analytics strategy
  • Securely ingest, combine, rationalize and cleanse data from multiple sources
  • Integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning into the data estate
  • Create role-based clinical decision support to anticipate and improve care

Learning from your data

Like DNA, every enterprise healthcare and life science company is unique. We combine technological capability and value-driven strategy to help our clients improve using their own data to define new opportunities.

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Labor management

We helped a national healthcare provider predict their entire patient census according to diagnosis code up to two weeks in advance with 98% accuracy. The result eliminated under- and over-staffing as well as paid overtime using predicted patient data.

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Patient Length-of-Stay (LOS)

Reducing patient LOS by an average of 1.5 days, we helped a major national healthcare provider save significant costs and improve care. The changes helped to prepare centers and reduce gaps in the care continuum.

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Predicting and reducing re-admissions

We have developed powerful and highly reusable predictive models for clinical data. These models help our clients proactively prepare for patients with higher risk for re-admissions and design personalized intervention plans.

Creating smarter
healthcare spaces

The Internet of Things (IoT) can enhance hospital and lab operations by providing rapid insights. Unite your sensors and technology systems in a single application. Connected Platform for Healthcare and Life Sciences enables fast and effective clinical responses.

Our flexible and scalable IoT
management platform helps you:

  • Track real-time staff and asset location data.
  • Forecast demand and inventory.
  • Optimize energy usage by automating lights.
  • Regulate climate control across your facilities.
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Designing personalized healthcare that goes everywhere

Digital care delivery tools that are tailored to your patients’ specific needs can improve recovery time and the daily management of chronic diseases.

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    Personal health assistant

    Cognitive learning and AI are impacting the daily lives of patients and improving health outcomes as a secure, patient-controlled and interactive health experience.

    These tools can:

    • Collect and analyze medical and fitness device data
    • Ask and answer health questions
    • Create reminders
    • Automatically keep patients connected to their provider
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    Virtual concierge

    Hospitals can be stressful experiences for both patients and families. And uncertainty only makes matters worse. Helpful apps can offer peace of mind and ease anxiety by:

    • Helping users navigate the hospital
    • Providing real-time information
    • Entertaining users with interactive games
    • Answering frequently asked questions
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Make life-changing discoveries.

From the lab to the clinic, modern healthcare is a multi-disciplinary industry that requires faster and more accurate data analysis and collaboration. A cloud-based platform lets providers, researchers and pharmaceutical teams securely share valuable medical information.

You’ll be able to simplify data collection and aggregation —and increased collaboration can lead to important medical breakthroughs.

Smart tracking to minimize mistakes

IoT tracking sensors can be used to verify safe medical procedures are followed — monitoring clinicians and empowering patients to make healthy choices. See how Gojo uses connected technology to reduce the number of hospital-acquired infections across the U.S. in this case study.

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Ensuring a successful transformation

Adopting clinical applications and IoT systems is an opportunity to create new processes that improve operations. We’ll help your teams effectively adapt to the change new technology brings by providing the necessary training and support.

Maximize the value of new solutions with:

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Protect patient data.

Health systems are full of sensitive data and personal information, making them prime targets for cybercriminals. You need strong safeguards and constant vigilance to ward off attacks. We’ll help free your resources to focus on patient outcomes with automated compliance and robust cybersecurity systems.

We understand quality care.

Our experts leverage deep industry knowledge of healthcare best practices, compliance requirements and more to craft valuable solutions. Discover how we’ve partnered with leading healthcare organizations to help solve complex challenges.

Let’s do big things together.

Innovating is the only way to stay relevant in today’s uber-competitive market. Our unique approach and deep knowledge put you on the path to true innovation.


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