Executing your digital transformation strategy

We’ll help you drive growth with data-driven decision-making, modern methods and cutting-edge technology. Every session is tailored to your exact needs and maturity level. Explore our engagements:


Mastering new skills

In a single session, our guided exercises will reveal the use cases, benefits and requirements you’ll use to build a roadmap.


Evaluating your practices

Reviewing processes, identifying shortcoming and establishing your current position gives you a valuable new perspective.

Fast starts

Identifying quick wins

Together, we’ll pinpoint effective products, methods and technologies to address your unique organizational needs.


Implementing change today

Deploy new digital solutions and adopt modern processes with the guidance of an experienced team.

Leverage our expertise.

Together we’ll build exceptional digital solutions founded on advanced knowledge and proven processes.

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End-to-end cloud enablement

Ensure a smooth and successful cloud transition. You get a defined cloud management framework, use case action plan and next step documentation that boosts your cloud knowledge during our cloud enablement engagements.

Microsoft Azure

The scalability and usability of Microsoft® Azure® provides many operational efficiencies to next-generation tools — like automation and artificial intelligence.

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Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google’s cloud platform streamlines new or ongoing digital transformation journeys by enabling machine learning and enhancing data analytics.

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Sophisticated data analysis and AI

Real-time data collection and analysis can help reveal new growth opportunities and inform key decisions. Our engagements will help establish the underlying infrastructure and facilitate implementation.

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Artificial intelligence

Improve how you run and manage operations with Artificial Intelligence (AI). In our AI sessions, you’ll discover ways to align use cases with your goals and learn steps for building a roadmap.

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Business intelligence

Back your next decision with data that is aggregated and actionable — all from a single platform. We’ll demonstrate Microsoft® Power BI® best practices that help you do more with your data.

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Data warehousing

Unlock the value of structured and unstructured data with warehousing processes and tools. Our experts will guide your business as it migrates from aging platforms to modern solutions.

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Achieving the iterative value of DevOps

Adopting DevOps improves flexibility and agility, so you can quickly respond to customer and business needs. Based on proven processes and years of experience, we’ll help you:

Adopt the DevOps

Many companies aspire to implement DevOps but fall short of the mark. True adoption requires company-wide buy-in and ongoing support.

Deploying updates more frequently and promoting cross-team collaboration are big reasons companies adopt DevOps.

We’ll guide your DevOps adoption journey so you can:

  • Pivot quickly
  • Deploy updates more frequently
  • Promote cross-team communication

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Support DevOps with
Infrastructure as Code.

Today, flexibility powers innovation. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) makes it easy to launch software updates, so you can support your latest objectives.

In our IaC fast start, we’ll help you successfully adopt open-source platform HashiCorp® Terraform® , allowing you to:

  • Improve developer collaboration
  • Minimize environment drift
  • Boost infrastructure effectiveness

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Modernize applications
using Azure.

Using modern DevOps approaches and Azure features — AKS and containers, App Services, Azure Databases and Azure Functions — enables your organization to move existing apps to the cloud with very little effort and eliminate the need to maintain traditional infrastructure.

In our Azure App Modernization engagements, we’ll demonstrate how to:

  • Assess your existing application stack for a migration
  • Modernize your applications to the latest platforms
  • Streamline your efforts with advanced tools and automation

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Applications that add business value

Intelligent applications rely on robust data and exceptional user interfaces to improve efficiency and create positive customer experiences. Explore how you can meet business demands and exceed expectations with your apps.

Conversational agents

Answer customer questions instantly with an intelligent chatbot. You’ll learn how to provide superior service consistently in our engagements.

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Immersive technology

Companies are embracing virtual and augmented reality to train staff, differentiate product offerings and more. We’ll show you the potential.

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Mobile app development

Connect customers and staff with meaningful mobile experiences that are intuitive, profitable and meet all your requirements.

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Robotic process automation

Learn how automation saves your business time and resources by streamlining operations and eliminating repetitive tasks.

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Your product delivery, transformed

Agile brings teams closer so they can collaborate better, find the best solution and bring it to market faster. Our interactive sessions will show you how to get the benefits of Agile in your organization.

Starting with agile

Adopting Agile requires buy-in at every level of your organization. We’ll demonstrate best practices for various roles to promote successful implementation.

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Agile training

As a member of the Scrum.org Professional Training Network, Insight provides in-depth training courses to help you effectively apply Agile.

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