Continuous data protection

Get backup, disaster recovery and cloud mobility in a single solution: the Zerto® IT Resilience Platform, available from Insight.

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Zerto disaster recovery

Many ransomware protection and backup and recovery solutions don’t prevent business downtime. And when workload mobility and data availability are lacking, business innovation suffers.

There’s a better way to operate that reduces overhead and eliminates the stress of management. Zerto 7.0, the newest version of the Zerto IT Resilience Platform, reinvents data protection with a simple, scalable platform created for hybrid and multicloud environments.

Move beyond traditional data loss prevention.

Business continuity in your virtual environment doesn’t have to be a headache. You can enjoy scalability and automation from your Zerto 7.0 disaster recovery solution, so you can meet today’s 24/7 demands.

Keep your applications running with continuous data protection, replication and recovery.

Solve your workload mobility challenges with minimal touch, no matter where you migrate data.

Easily replicate and migrate your data across hybrid clouds using the Zerto IT Resilience Platform.

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Disaster recovery for the always-on era

Simplify management with the virtualization-aware IT Resilience Platform. The Zerto solution will help you incorporate disaster recovery as a business strategy.

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Achieving IT resilience

In order to maintain 24/7 availability, it’s important to lay a foundation of continuous data protection. By combining backup, disaster recovery and cloud mobility, the Zerto IT Resilience Platform provides blanket data loss prevention for your organization.

And, with the new Zerto 7.0, you’ll gain access to innovative features such as:

  • Indexed, searchable data repositories
  • Automated recovery workflows
  • Comprehensive scenario modeling

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Minimize risk. Accelerate innovation.

It’s easy to eliminate the traditional pain points of recovery, failover and fallback testing with Zerto Virtual Replication. Using automation and orchestration, the solution performs seamlessly with four simple clicks. And, you can run tests during business hours without disruption.

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Better visibility, optimal outcomes

A single view of your multisite, multicloud environments can provide the clarity you need to enhance operations. Zerto Analytics delivers granular network insights and broad performance reports to help you gain control of your system health. It’s included in the Zerto IT Resilience Platform.

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