Design-friendly pen display tablets

Create your next masterpiece with a crystal-clear pen display, intuitive graphics tablet from Insight and Wacom.

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Work like you were meant to.

Wacom® devices make it easy to replicate the authentic precision and texture of pen and paper. Even better, you can take them anywhere and consistently produce quality graphics.

Wacom business man using Wacom pen and tablet


Wacom pens are sensitive to user pressure and allow for easy tilt while producing controlled strokes.

Wacom pen


Draw comfortably with an ergonomic fit and the advantage of quick-click shortcuts at your fingertips.

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Boost productivity with lightweight devices that are customizable and provide easy access to software.

Wacom Intuos pen tablet

Pressure-sensitive graphics tablet

Freely flex your creativity with the lightweight and intuitive Wacom Intuos® pen tablet. You can express yourself with 4,096 levels of pressure and various pen tips. You’ll feel natural and in control as you capture each stroke digitally.

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Wacom Intuos Pro and Pro Pen 2

Professional pen tablet options

The Wacom Intuos Pro lets you connect with a pen tablet in a new way. You can customize it with shortcuts and simulate textures, from rough to smooth. The Bluetooth® tablet is compatible with the Pro Pen 2 and the Pro Pen 3D for easy and fluid navigation.

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Cintiq Pro

Pen-to-screen creation

Use a creative pen display that mimics the feeling of drawing, shading or writing on paper. Cintiq Pro comes in three screen size options: 13-inch, 16-inch, 24-inch or 32-inch — with virtually no lag time and incredible precision. The screens boast 4K technology, so you can see your designs in vivid color quality.

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