Revolutionizing commerce

Insight and Verifone are dedicated to innovating the commerce industry. Our single, global unified platform accepts any payment method, allowing for a seamless customer payment experience.

All-in-one payment solutions

No matter what kind of payment solution you’re looking for, Verifone has them all. Our products range from countertop solutions to multilane or PIN pad Point-of-Sale (POS) devices. Whether you need something basic or advanced, our devices will give your business the tools and flexibility it needs to operate efficiently and effectively.

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Increased productivity

Deliver real-time content, individualized offers and other value-added services to your checkout process.

A professional doing a transaction through Verifone which ensures that all data is secure.

Maximum security

Every system comes equipped with advanced security technology for added peace of mind.

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Offer your customers rewards, loyalty programs, digital couponing and more.

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Portables & transportables

Verifone’s compact and customizable portable payment solutions deliver extended coverage and flexibility for bustling environments, such as restaurants, hotels, transit, outdoor retail and more. Accept payments quickly anytime, anywhere with powerful POS systems.

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Countertops, PIN pads & multilane

We provide all types of payment solutions for every kind of business. Whether you’re looking for countertop solutions, multilane devices, PIN pads or POS systems, all Verifone® products are designed with convenience, security and simplicity in mind.

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A professional using the verifone product wherein it can offers a self service approach on how you do your transactions

Kiosks & unattended

Verifone offers any type of POS system you might need for your business. Whether it’s self-service or traditional, each system is built with maximum security in mind and purposeful design to ensure optimal performance, reliability and flexibility.

Choose from a wide range of solutions designed for fast and interactive service, including:

  • Countertop systems
  • Wall-mounted or freestanding
  • Modular payment components
  • Contactless readers
  • PIN pads

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Individuals doing theri transactions over verifone product which ensure that your data or payment can be access anywhere by authorized personnel

Cloud services

Commerce technology is always changing. Verifone makes the omnichannel commerce experience simple for merchants and their customers with a cloud-based suite of services. Together, we’re dedicated to creating easy, personalized and new experiences to delight your customers and unleash business insights.

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