Tablet cases and tablet mounting accessories

The Joy Factory® tablet cases and mounting solutions, available from Insight, maximize your efficiency.

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Realize the full potential of your tablet.

Now you can combine the portability of mobile devices with the stability of desktop hardware. The Joy Factory products let you accomplish tasks and serve customers where they are, anytime.

The Joy Factory rugged case lifestyle


Rugged hardware protects your device against drops and other damage.

The Joy Factory woman using device


Ergonomic design empowers productivity in every context.

The Joy Factory mounting system lifestyle


A range of attachments makes it easy to create your ideal workstation.

AgileGo Tablet rolling carts

Streamline workflows and improve patient care with The Joy Factory AgileGo Tablet medical carts. These med carts increase efficiency — keeping workers agile and empowering them to do their best while caring for patients.

Whether used as a patient interpretation rolling cart, telehealth rolling cart, clinician tablet rolling cart or for general use, all AgileGo rolling carts position the device for hands-free operation, enabling a more mobile workforce.

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MagConnect mounting system product

Ergonomic tablet cases and mounting solutions

Mounted devices optimize space and improve customer interactions. The MagConnect mounting system simplifies attaching your iPad®, Microsoft Surface® or Samsung Galaxy tablet to any surface, whether you need a short-term option or a permanent fixture.

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The Joy Factory aXtion rugged cases product

A strong defense

Take your work anywhere — even in extreme environments. aXtion rugged cases keep tablets safe from debris, spills and drops. With models ranging from the slim, durable Edge collection to the maximum-protection Pro line, you’ll find a case that meets the demands of your industry.

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The Joy Factory Elevate Kiosk product

Captivating customer experiences

Interactive technology attracts attention at busy public events. The Joy Factory Elevate Kiosk delivers a sleek, secure and simple way to turn your tablet into an eye-catching display. And, a versatile selection of modern designs means you can boost engagement in any space.

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