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Show and tell.

Now it’s effortless to change the way your organization communicates and collaborates. TechSmith’s robust software tools such as Snagit® and Camtasia® help you produce beautiful images and interactive, animated videos.

Provide exceptional visuals with Snagit.

TechSmith simplifies the process of capturing images and recording videos on Windows® and Mac® devices. Its file sharing and image editing capabilities enable you to capture, edit and share any image or video, anytime.

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Snagit capabilities let you quickly capture your screen’s width in one screenshot.

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You can capture an entire web page in one snapshot, whether vertical or horizontal.

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Create GIFs from short videos and create animations to show how to do quick tasks.

Snagit tool product

Easily create screen recordings.

You'll gain a complete tool for screen capture, video recording and more in Snagit. It empowers you to combine traditional screenshots, video recording, image editing and file sharing to communicate more effectively.

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Amazing videos in 3 steps

Camtasia equips you with all the tools you need to make a video, even if you're a beginner. Choose your footage through importing a video or recording your screen, make edits and additions, and finish in hours. You can animate text, colors and images with drag-and-drop functionality.

Get creative. You get the freedom to edit as you please — add music, animated backgrounds, icons, motion graphics and more. With 64-bit performance, Camtasia works with your computer’s processor to ensure exceptional output and beautiful visuals up to 4K.

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The new Camtasia is here.

Camtasia video editing software simplifies visual content creation with its robust timeline editor. See how you can enhance your footage with the latest intro, outro, lower third and animated assets. Try it free with Insight.

Camtasia is the very best tool you can use for screen casting, especially in relation to the amount of training you need to be up and running. Jay Bailey, CEO and Creative Director, RapidFire Consulting

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