Frictionless storage across clouds

Enable your IT administrator to efficiently manage cloud-based data and apps, reduce downtime and secure mission-critical data with the SoftNAS cloud management platform.

The agile approach to NAS

It’s possible to have a Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution that’s both powerful and flexible. SoftNAS delivers enterprise-grade NAS required to safely operate mission-critical IT and apps.

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Simplify cloud storage management with a solution that’s easy to deploy, managed through an intuitive platform and scalable.

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Choose from flexible hourly, monthly and annual billing models and professional support at no additional cost.

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Manage data and apps stored in all popular cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure®, VMware® and more.

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SoftNAS Cloud Platinum

Data storage needs are constantly changing. You need an intuitive solution that can help you manage data in the cloud. By auto-tiering data from more expensive storage to less expensive storage based on age, SoftNAS Cloud® Platinum can save you up to 67% of cloud storage costs.

It’s easier to get data into the cloud with SoftNAS Cloud Platinum, too. By transferring data in bulk over regular network connections, you can move business apps by thousands. This rapid transfer rate saves time, resources and budget.

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SoftNAS Cloud Enterprise

The ability to securely migrate applications to the cloud without reengineering simplifies your move to the cloud with SoftNAS Cloud Enterprise. Move business apps without any custom coding, so you can respond quickly to migration needs. Get enterprise-class NAS features like:

  • High availability
  • Deduplication
  • Compression
  • Encryption
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SoftNAS Cloud Essentials

Secondary data storage is essential, but it can also greatly increase your storage costs. Using SoftNAS Cloud Essentials reduces the storage cost of secondary data for cloud backup, storage, disaster recovery and archive.

Get more done for less with features like ObjectBacker Backend Storage Acceleration for transfers up to 400% faster than standard speeds — and inline deduplication for more efficient object storage.

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