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Small in size. Big on performance.

Experience the same level of computing performance as a tower PC in a smaller more portable form factor with Simply NUC® mini PCs available from Insight.

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Improve business efficiencies with mini PCs from Simply NUC

As companies find new ways to tackle hybrid work, sometimes laptops don’t cut it. Intel® NUCs and AMD mini PCs offer a variety of features that help you improve business productivity.

From a small portable form factor to performance that matches a traditional tower PC, mini PCs save you money with lower energy costs and offer a long lifespan that decreases the need for upgrades or replacements. Discover Simply NUC mini PCs for your organization.

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Simply NUC Ruby

Home Office

Maximize your productivity with content creation multitasking, project management and video conferencing with the Ruby Mini PC powered by AMD Ryzen processors.

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Simply NUC Topaz

Office Productivity

Topaz NUC is a new performance-driven small form factor PC equipped with high-speed memory to remove bottlenecks keeping you on task and productive.

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Simply NUC 10i5FNH

Family Solution

The Intel-powered Frost Canyon has versatile features for home office, school, and entertainment applications. Experience responsive performance with the ability to transfer files through high-speed connection options.

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Why choose a mini PC over a laptop for hybrid work?

With more devices and solutions becoming available to support your workforce, it’s hard to know what is best for your business. Discover how Simply NUC mini PCs can support your hybrid workforce with devices designed to meet the power of a tower and the portability of a laptop.

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