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SIIG® IT and Audiovisual (AV) connectivity solutions, peripherals and accessories, available from Insight, deliver excellence.

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A proven history

Since 1985, SIIG has been improving workplace technology with its computer pairing products.

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Use the latest network connection solutions to enhance the speed of your modern IT equipment and add-ons.

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Workplace presentations should look and sound professional. SIIG products ensure yours display well and can be heard.

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The SIIG manufacturing process is carefully supervised to provide the highest level of product reliability and function.

SIIG docking station

Reimagine your workspace.

SIIG docking stations consolidate computer accessories through a single source. Enhance a USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 laptop connection by adding DisplayPort, HDMI, USB 3.1, USB-C, audio/microphone, Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and power delivery charging.

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Freely work with any USB add-on.

USB hubs enable the use of legacy video, Ethernet and USB ports, often lacking in modern laptops. From a single USB-C port, you can expand your device connectivity so it supports the IT and AV accessories you need.

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SIIG HDMI splitter

Visuals and amplifiers that impress

You want the signal quality of your audio and video to be at its best. That’s what you’ll get with SIIG HDMI splitters. Autoscaling ensures the resolution of each connected monitor hits its peak. You can share up to eight screens from a single HDMI source. Immersive audio enhances the experience.

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SIIG monitor mount

Customize your work environment.

Every workplace monitor arrangement is unique. SIIG monitor mounts and stands provide flexible views for easy collaboration and workplace comfort. Find the perfect position with screen tilt, height adjustment and arm extension options.

You can wall-mount up to two screens or fit three on a stand to free desktop space. A detachable plate simplifies installation for many monitor types.

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