Advancing security for organizations

More than one-third of Fortune 100 companies rely on assessment and training solutions from Security Innovation, available from Insight.

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Secure solutions for connected businesses

As part of Insight’s robust security partner ecosystem, Security Innovation empowers repeatable, safe software development across your organization.

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Extensive security research and customer experiences provide feedback to guide development of security principles.

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Training empowers your teams with the right skills to implement secure coding standards and adhere to policy requirements.

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Expert analysis helps improve standards and identify knowledge gaps to ensure your applications are protected and secure.

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Application security training

Most attacks exploit known vulnerabilities. Training your developers on coding best practices and industry standards helps your organization build both offensive and defensive skills and reduce vulnerabilities.

Experience transformative security trainings that offer:

  • 100+ courses — the industry's largest library
  • Pre-assessments that place learners in the right courses
  • Classroom labs that make it fun to apply skills

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General security awareness training

Transform your organization's employees from being security risks to being your greatest security assets. We'll help you identify and correct dangerous behavior and drive the change needed to protect sensitive data.

Security Innovation's general security awareness training helps you:

  • Educate employees on common security threats.
  • Reinforce security best practices.
  • Benefit from ongoing support.

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HIPAA compliance training

Ensure your organization remains in compliance with HIPAA security rules and best practices. This reduces threats and potential vulnerabilities and empowers your organization to better serve your clients.

HIPAA compliance training from Security Innovation enables users to understand how HIPAA relates to their behaviors — and covers current HIPAA requirements and regulations. Real-life scenarios enhance the experience even more.

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CMD+CTRL Hackerthon program

This immersive learning environment allows your staff to exploit their way through the hundreds of vulnerabilities that hide in your business applications. The hands-on CMD+CTRL Hackerthon program teaches employees to quickly identify and respond to threats.

Training occurs with:

  • A fully featured application
  • Real-time scoring and surprises
  • Help guides, hints and challenges

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