Uncompromising mobile security

In today's ultra-connected era, you can overcome smartphone vulnerabilities with Privoro® solutions, available from Insight.

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High-security mobility

Safeguard your workers and organization with best-in-class mobile device security practices, anti-surveillance hardware and cloud-based policy enforcement.

Intelligent cases

Minimize mobility risks and add features and services to your device with SafeCase device backpacks.

Advanced solutions

Privoro hardware protects audio and visual data from being swept up by unwarranted third parties.

User management

Protected workers can thrive in the data-driven economy, without compromising security or privacy.

Privoro SafeCase smartphone case

Smartphone risk protection

Guard against sophisticated iPhone® security exploits with the Privoro SafeCase smartphone case. Its intelligent architecture insulates sensitive data and safeguards cameras and microphones.

Protect against rootkits, remote access trojans and chip-based exploits — so you can handle important business from anywhere.

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SafeCase with hardware add-ons

Seamless hardware modularity

Leverage the power of your smartphone and the security of the SafeCase with hardware add-ons. Each case comes with space for detachable devices from Privoro or other authorized partners.

Devices include sensors, communication modules and more. With the ability to add on, you’ll spare yourself the management headaches and cost of one-off devices.

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SafeCase management tool displayed on monitor

Cloud-based device management

Policy management just got easier with SafeCase tools. Gain access to user activities, and set rules for policy enforcement, provisioning, and more. SafeCase enables mobility and productivity without sacrificing security.

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