Centralize management and empower mobility with the PrinterLogic® Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, available from Insight.

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Freedom from print servers

Modernizing your print environment can unlock new business outcomes by maximizing efficiency, empowering your end users and freeing up IT to focus on more important tasks.


Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), PrinterLogic lets you scale your print environment without expanding your data center.


With print jobs stored on your local network, you can protect documents while maintaining a user-friendly printing experience.

Cloud managed

No matter what operating systems and hardware brands you depend on, you’ll get complete, centralized visibility and control.

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Maximize your print infrastructure.

The PrinterLogic platform makes adopting serverless printing easy, so you can save time and resources without taxing your IT specialists. Built-in tools simplify migrating your print environment. Once your queues are moved, you can immediately deploy your new solution.

And, features like Admin Console and the End User Self Service Portal streamline how you manage your existing print fleet and provision new printers.

Centralized print management

PrinterLogic solutions eliminate servers and unlock remote visibility into everything that’s happening in your print environment.

PrinterLogic Web Stack

You no longer need to worry about print-related network traffic. And, users can update using self-service tools.

PrinterLogic SaaS

You can easily supervise profiles and install drivers directly onto user endpoints without a single point of failure.

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Enhanced flexibility and control

Integrating printing into your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) adoption journey can be a challenge. PrinterLogic leverages your existing capabilities to provide a seamless VDI printing platform.

You’ll gain:

  • Location-based automatic provisioning
  • Faster device installations and user logins
  • Reduced wide-area network (WAN) traffic
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Optimize print usage.

Now you can empower your users to print more effectively while boosting your data protection. PrinterLogic Secure Release Printing lets your team access stored jobs exactly when and where they need them.

A wide range of release options — including swiping a badge, using the printer control panel and leveraging browser-based tools — maximize each user’s control.