Polycom video conference

Collaborate from anywhere.

Videoconferencing creates new avenues for interaction, from team meetings to doctor-patient consultations to student-teacher sessions. Poly® solutions offer unparalleled audio and visual quality, so you’ll feel like you’re in the same room, even if you’re thousands of miles apart.

Poly Studio

Poly Studio

Created for huddle rooms and other small spaces, the Poly Studio USB video bar delivers enterprise-grade power in a cost-effective, user-friendly package.

Crisp audio and video

With tracking microphones, immersive sound and 4K video resolution, you’ll see and hear every participant’s contributions.

Distraction prevention

Automated Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlock capabilities mute background noises, keeping you focused on the task at hand.

Streamlined deployment

The Studio integrates seamlessly with most cloud-based video platforms, and it’s built with plug-and-play functionality.

Poly Studio X30 X50 on table

Studio x30 and x50

The radically simple Poly Studio X video bars, take collaboration to a whole new level. These single, sleek, no-computer-needed devices let you experience full boardroom-quality audio when you connect and share content. Now you can gather in smaller rooms comfortably and connect easily with whatever video collaboration software you use.

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G7500 Video Conferencing System

Collaboration made easy

Get up and running quickly with the G7500 videoconferencing system that lets teams share ideas effortlessly with their own wireless devices. Combined with Ultra HD video and premium audio and voice clarity, this system ensures no idea get left behind.

Each G7500 system includes an EagleEye IV USB high-performance HD camera for best-in-class video quality that catches eye contact, posture, facial expressions and more — enhancing your collaboration experience. Compatible with many Microsoft® systems, this camera turns mediocre meetings into dynamic, powerful experiences.

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Poly Studio X30 X50 G-Series

Do more with Microsoft Teams.

Get the best out of your office and conference room meetings with Poly’s variety of room collaboration options for Microsoft Team®. Choose between the Poly Studio x30 and x50 for smaller meeting spaces, or the Poly G-Series for larger conference rooms.

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Polycom RealConnect product


Gather for videoconferences, regardless of participant devices. RealConnect® is the only certified video interoperability solution for Microsoft Office 365®. It allows devices such as Poly and Cisco® video endpoints to easily join virtual meetings.

Experience flawless communications on any platform, whether instant messaging, voice or video, and across desktops and mobile devices. Now, meetings are easy to schedule with a simple click-to-join functionality.

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