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Enhance communication with Planar® monitor, video wall and flat-panel display solutions, available from Insight.

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Bring your message to life.

From large-scale signage to point-of-sale monitors, you’ll find what you need for a best-in-class digital display experience. And, with myriad options of monitors and signage, you’ll get quality without sacrificing affordability.

Lifestyle image of Planar display

Vivid imagery

Display indoors or outdoors in detail with LCD or LED for high performance and durability.

Lifestyle image of Planar large-format display

Panoramic views

Captivate clients with a large-format display or video wall tailored to business your needs.

Lifestyle image of touch-screen display

Interactive experiences

Empower engaging applications in busy areas with a sturdy, reliable touch-screen display.

Planar flat-panel LCD desktop monitor product

Vibrant desktop monitors

Enjoy a stunning visual display on your workstation screen. The Planar flat-panel desktop monitor delivers fast graphics at a low profile. Durable touch-screen options are available with expert performance for point-of-sale and high-traffic environments.

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Planar LCD and LED video display

Captivate the masses.

A Planar LCD or LED video wall lets you easily present in mural-like fashion. Choose from various sizes and resolutions to suit your needs — indoor or outdoor, touch-screen or classic, and more. Displays can be mounted closely for a low-profile yet high-performance experience.

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Planar large-format display

Enhance your work spaces.

Immerse customers in your lobby, control room, retail space and other areas. Planar’s large-format displays help you expertly communicate in a demanding setting. They’re available in varying features and sizes, ranging from 32 to 98 inches.

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Planar 4K LCD display product

Ultra HD image quality

Deliver lifelike picture quality from far away or up close — on a large screen. With a 4K display, you can count on high performance and energy efficiency, without a loud fan. And a slim yet durable pane makes interactive touch possible, so you’ll feel like you’re part of the performance.

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