Powerful SaaS security

Strengthen your security for Software as a Service (SaaS) applications with Insight and Palo Alto Networks.

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Reach new heights in SaaS application management.

Palo Alto Networks® Aperture SaaS security gives you total visibility into your SaaS applications, including reporting, instant classification, granular enforcement and activities. See how Aperture can provide extensive reporting on your sensitive data, deep details into files stored on your network and more.

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True visibility

Know your SaaS apps inside and out. Aperture enables you to see across all users, folders and files. Detailed analysis gives you a clear answer on risk levels and compliance status. Plus, no hardware or software installation is required.

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Move fast to mitigate risk.

Deep visibility gives you the power to move quickly with confidence. Drive policy enforcement and swiftly quarantine users and data at the exact moment you need to. Safely meet risk compliance requirements, such as Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII), while users enjoy all the benefits of the cloud.

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Robust threat intelligence

Put a stop to cyberthreats. When Aperture discovers new malware threats, it shares them with the rest of the Palo Alto Networks security platform. WildFire threat intelligence integrates seamlessly with Aperture, blocking known and unknown threats.

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Even greater visibility with App-ID

Palo Alto Networks App-ID traffic classification gives you an even deeper layer of visibility and control. Regardless of the port, App-ID is able to see what applications are being used and how through a combination of IP addresses, ports, protocol decoders, decryption and more. The result: a true end-to-end security solution.

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A single view with Panorama

Now you don’t have to correlate tough security with tough work. Palo Alto Networks Panorama security management cuts your hassle on the administrative side. With a single console, you can update policies, gain visibility into threats and deploy to mobile users. It’s that simple.

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