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Power your enterprise apps.

Power all your enterprise applications on a single platform. Dependable performance and exceptional stability result in availability that you and your business can count on.

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Run multiple applications at once.

Complement your enterprise application environment with Nutanix hyperconverged enterprise application solutions. Your cost, scalability and agility will meet to deliver an optimum balance and remarkable performance. Now, you can control your storage capacity and avoid downtime.

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Excellent performance

Automated VM backups and integrated disaster recovery improve application availability. Every Nutanix enterprise solution offers critical capabilities, such as data integrity checks, tunable redundancy, data path redundancy and application or crash-consistent VM-centric snapshots.

Simplify administration

Streamline your operations and simplify application troubleshooting with intuitive consumer-grade management.

Choice of hypervisor

Nutanix enterprise solutions are hypervisor agnostic, allowing you to choose your virtualization platform.

Performance insights

Resolve problems fast with end-to-end visibility into your virtual machine infrastructure.


Control your balance of application performance and growth needs with predictive scalability.

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Efficient operations

Consolidate your application infrastructure silos to improve your performance, streamline your storage complexity and reduce your costs. Add different Nutanix nodes to clusters based on needs to grow as you see fit. And, consolidate your workloads to use up to 80% less space.