Upgrade your PowerPoint slides.

Engage allows users of all skill levels to produce stunning visuals in less time and with less effort. See how it works.

Markido Engage datamapping screenshot

Communicate complex ideas.

By connecting to any data source, the software empowers you to help your audience understand and retain your message using infographics, heatmaps, word clouds and more.

Easily pull data maps from anywhere in the world into your presentation. And quickly update key points and edit images with drag-and-drop functionality.

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Markido Engage platform screenshot linking to Microsoft Excel and Project

Automate your updates.

Goodbye, outdated slides. Engage allows you to link every visual to Microsoft® Excel and Project. When your data updates, it takes one click to bring your slides up to date, even with multiple data sources. Plus, the SlideMerge feature can instantly transform Excel worksheets into a slideshow.

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Markido Engage platform accessibility screenshot

Leave no audience member behind.

Engage gives you confidence your presentations can be enjoyed by people with disabilities and that you’re compliant with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. The PowerPoint add-in can help you achieve this through comprehensive accessibility tests and recommendations to fix any issues.

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