Magic Leap 1

Bring physical and digital worlds together with Magic Leap® 1, the wearable spatial computer. Together, Insight and Magic Leap let you radically improve the way you share ideas and communicate with your employees through augmented reality and computer vision.

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Reality-bending abilities

See what your business can accomplish when the whole world is your creative canvas.

Woman using 3D visualization

3D visualization

3D content was never meant to be seen on a 2D screen. Bring 3D digital models, characters and data into the room with you.

Man in virtual meeting


With realistic copresence, real-time file sharing and multi-user sessions, remote workers can bridge the divide while reducing their carbon footprint in the process.

Man assisting in virtual mode

Learn & assist

With Magic Leap 1, masters and apprentices can interact remotely, no matter the distance, and acquire deep knowledge for later use.

Wearable computer

A wearable spatial computer

Magic Leap 1 engineers solved the challenge of weight vs. performance when it comes to virtual reality by placing the processing power on your hip instead of head, giving you the performance of a laptop in a device that’s light enough to wear every day.

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Man working using 3d technology

Enterprise solutions

Magic Leap 1 has a suite of enterprise solutions available across a multitude of industries. From Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) to manufacturing, health and beyond, the rules for your industry are being rewritten — and Magic Leap 1 is your opportunity to write them.

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Team working together

Exceptional support

Unlock extraordinary possibilities and experiences with the Magic Leap developer portal that houses documents, tools and guides for easy navigation. Here, you’ll discover the tools needed to create new worlds within this world.

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Accessories of Magic Leap products

Accessories for professionals

From a secure carry case to immersive audio headphones, make every experience extraordinary with our suite of accessories.

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