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Equip your business with advanced, high-quality scanners that make your vision, information and images come to life

Next-level scanning solutions

Research planning

Innovative research

30 years of innovative, digital image science ensures the best image quality for the documents you need.

Top-notch service security

Top-notch service

Having issues? Kodak® Alaris® provides top-notch support and on-site services for all production scanners — so you can scan your documents with peace of mind.

Impressive features

Impressive features

These high-speed document scanners have automated features and software such as Kodak® Smart Touch that make paper workflows much easier.

Scanning solutions for remote workers

Empower your teams to virtually access paper and digital documents — and send correct data to backend systems as fast as possible, wherever they work. With Kodak Alaris Capture Solutions, business documents can be printed, processed, managed and distributed securely.

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Kodak Alaris Capture Pro software

Increase productivity and effectively manage scan workflows with Kodak- and Alaris- branded scanners. These best-in-class scanners let you deliver the right information to the right people at the right time, procuring accurate data from paper documents and routing it wherever you need it to go.

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Maintenance support

Support you can trust

Kodak Alaris services help you get the greatest value out of your products by keeping them functional and productive. Likewise, Kodak Alaris Repair and Maintenance service plans offer responsive, accurate and professional help so you can maximize workflows and investments.

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