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Together, Insight and Kemp Technologies deliver value, flexibility, simplicity and technical support for all your business-critical application and company-size load balancing needs.

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Flexible licensing options

Enrich application security, performance, scalability and availability with the load balancer optimized for virtual environments.

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Simple and easy to use

Gain access to cloud-native virtual deployment with a per-app software load balancer and application delivery controller.

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Value and cost savings

Maximize your budget with cost-efficient performance solutions that provide 4x the throughput.

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Kemp and NetApp solutions

NetApp StorageGRID® is a software-defined, object-based storage solution that supports industry standard object APIs, such as the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Swift.

Delivering increased performance, site resilience and infinite scale, LoadMaster® redirects traffic to healthy StorageGRID nodes, supporting multi-site failover.

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Kemp Flowmon Solutions

Kemp Flowmon focuses on actionable network intelligence that enables businesses to ensure the performance of networks and the security of the enterprise.

Using machine learning (ML)-driven behavior analysis and anomaly detection, Kemp Flowmon provides the necessary early detection of the most subtle exploits by malicious actors before they have a negative impact. Integration with front-end proxy, load balancing and application firewalling means that tightly integrated closed feedback and remediation loops can be created that not only provide high-fidelity insights, but also solve the root cause of issues that lead to AX degradation.

Kemp Technologies LoadMaster X15


Handle more with the LoadMaster X40. This hardware delivers a high performance application experience for any environment and enables organizations of all sizes to integrate hardware acceleration and support for up to 35 million concurrent connections.

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Kemp Technologies LoadMaster 3000

Virtual LoadMaster

The Virtual LoadMaster 3000 load balancer is optimized for small and medium-sized enterprise customers who need quick transactions per second and high performance at every turn. The integrated virtual acceleration of the Virtual LoadMaster 3000 enables exceptional application performance for any environment.

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Cloud Native LoadMaster

The Virtual LoadMaster MAX (VLM-MAX) is a full-featured, cloud-based load balancer that’s optimally sized and priced for your multicloud and public environments. This software enhances application control, security and visibility, enabling better application management and productivity across your organization. Deploy Kemp’s Cloud Native LoadMaster in AWS, Azure, Orange, and Open Telekom Cloud.

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