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Maximize productivity and enhance your workstation — whether in the office, on the go or at home — with IOGEAR® connectivity solutions, available from Insight.

Why Insight and IOGEAR?

With IOGEAR connectivity solutions from Insight, you’ll unlock:

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Get products that deliver performance, reliability and durability — at affordable prices.

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IOGEAR’s innovative mindset drives solutions that redefine product categories.

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Discover robust feature sets at industry-
leading cost savings.

IOGEAR Secure KVM PP v4.0

Protect your desktop fleet. 

Protect multiple desktops from cyber threats with IOGEAR Secure KVM PP v4.0 technology. You’ll maximize information security while sharing a single keyboard, mouse, speaker set, and additional authorized CAC and biometric readers. 

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IOGEAR docking solution product

IOGEAR docking solutions

It’s easy to organize your peripherals and add multiple 4K monitors with IOGEAR docking stations. Designed to work with any Windows® or Mac® device, they simplify day-to-day productivity and save space.

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IOGEAR CAC smart card reader

Access made easy with IOGEAR CAC

Access online banking or secure portals with IOGEAR CAC smart card reader solutions. These easy-to-install USB devices are suited for all contact smart card and common access card operations.

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IOGEAR stylus product

IOGEAR stylus solutions

IOGEAR stylus solutions redefine the way users interact with touch screens and smart devices, including smartphones and tablets.

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IOGEAR single workstation

One workstation solution

Take control and manage multiple computer systems with a single workstation solution that combines one keyboard, mouse and multiple monitors for maximum productivity and security.

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IOGEAR DisplayPort adapter

IOGEAR DisplayPort solutions

The IOGEAR DisplayPort adapter connects the latest generation DisplayPort monitors or projectors to your new or legacy devices with easy-to-use solutions built to suit any workspace configuration.

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IOGEAR bluetooth adapter

IOGEAR network adapters

Transform any device with innovative networking adapters, including Bluetooth® adapters, ethernet to Wi-Fi® adapters, USB printer/server adapters and assorted USB cables.

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