Minimize complexity

IOGEAR® products, available from Insight, create unique possibilities for connections between your business technology tools.

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Comprehensive connectivity solutions

Explore new ways to put your devices to work. Accessories such as IOGEAR Keyboard, Video, Mouse (KVM) switches and wireless HDMI boost your efficiency with intuitive, high-performance design.


IOGEAR products transform your existing technology with cutting-edge features and capabilities.


Each IOGEAR solution safeguards your sensitive information and complies with industry standards.


Budget-friendly pricing, expert support and strong warranties help you optimize IT resources.


Maximize your productivity.

Now you can eliminate complex hardware and streamline your multitasking. IOGEAR KVM switches let you manage multiple computers from one console with simple installation and efficient functionality. Choose the exact features you need from a range of two-, four- and eight-port options.

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A powerful defense system

Your data is one of your most vital assets. See how the IOGEAR Secure KVM Switch delivers robust protection against breaches.

IOGEAR docking station

Transcend laptop limitations.

A single cable is all it takes to reimagine your workspace. IOGEAR docking stations make it easy to link your laptop to any external keyboard, mouse, printer or hard drive. That means you can create the computing configuration that best suits your productivity and mobility needs.

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IOGEAR audio and video extender product

Complete AV flexibility

Expand your media streaming capabilities without additional cord clutter. IOGEAR wireless HDMI equipment offers plug-and-play functionality and seamless transmission of videos with resolutions up to 4K.

With myriad options designed for diverse display configurations, you’re sure to find the right solution for your AV needs. And, innovative hardware eradicates the need for lines of sight between transmitters and receivers, so you can put your equipment to use in any space.

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Committed to the future

Choose connectivity products that make a big difference in your workday and a small impact on the environment. IOGEAR approaches every step of the production process with sustainability in mind, ensuring environmentally friendly manufacturing, packaging and usage.