Enhanced File Transfer for the enterprise

Replace all of your legacy FTP systems with file transfer software from Insight and Globalscape.

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Globalscape® Enhanced File Transfer ( ETF) is a powerful managed file transfer software solution that replaces legacy FTP servers and transfers your enterprise information with ease.

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Move your files and systems with secure file sharing and mobile access solutions that deliver both flexibility and control.

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Deliver reliable access to data with advanced workflow management capabilities that ease the burden on your IT team.

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Adapt to increasing business demands with flexible configurations while maintaining advanced security.

EFT for every kind of business

Gain control while enabling the flexibility to access information when and where you need it, thanks to a centralized location for secure access. Scale and adapt as your business grows, and automate your workflows to integrate systems.

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Enhanced File Transfer SMB

EFT for Small to Medium Business (SMB) delivers top-notch security and unmatched simplicity — ideal for businesses that need to manage file transfers securely among worldwide offices, clients and partners.

Gain all of the features and benefits of automated data exchange, advanced security and infrastructure stability with EFT for SMB. You'll experience:

  • Quick, intuitive set-up
  • Automated file transfers
  • Fewer points of failure
  • Reduced transfer time by 80%

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Enhanced File Transfer Enterprise

With advanced automation capabilities and real-time visibility into data transfers, EFT Enterprise drives operational efficiency. Using automated processes, easy installation, two-factor authentication and more, EFT Enterprise is trusted by businesses worldwide.

EFT Enterprise provides your entire organization with:

  • Automated workflows
  • Advanced transfer security
  • A simple end-user interface
  • Increased efficiency

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Enhanced File Transfer Cloud Services

Use security tools that will protect your network and data with EFT Cloud Services, which combines EFT with a secure, scalable cloud infrastructure. In addition to maintaining compliance when data is transferred, accessed and stored, organizations of all sizes can:

  • Exchange data securely.
  • Automate data management and backup.
  • Maximize uptime.
  • Access dedicated storage.

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