Drive digital innovation

Gigamon provides analytics on, and visibility into, all traffic across your organization’s cloud, virtual and physical infrastructures — improving network security, performance and monitoring.

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A triple threat

Run fast.

Gigamon puts control back into your hands by providing quick network visibility and agility across physical, cloud and virtual infrastructures.

Stay secure.

Operate safely and communicate securely with VPNs — and gain insight into network performance, availability and user experiences.

Optimize operations.

Gigamon lets you get more out of the tools and resources you already have while eliminating unnecessary network traffic that overwhelms them. Work smarter, not harder.

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NetVUE for NetOps

Gigamon provides simple network solutions and services that allow your organization to keep up with changing times and digital innovation. NetVUE for network operations uses better alignment across teams, automation and improved analysis, to deliver visibility and agility across physical, cloud and virtual infrastructures — so you can succeed.

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Security with CoreVUE

Protect your enterprise and eliminate blind spots within your organization’s network with CoreVUE. CoreVUE quickly detects malware activities, unauthorized data exfiltration and hidden command-and-control channels so you can operate securely. Having the latest security architecture simply isn’t enough. That's why Gigamon offers a solution that lets you see threats before they happen.

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Cloud Suite for cloud operations

As workloads shift more toward cloud environments, organizations need to be able to confidently deploy and migrate these workloads to both virtual and cloud infrastructure. With GigaVUE® Cloud Suite, you receive industry-leading solutions for network visibility and security analytics — driving digital innovation for today and tomorrow.

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Service provider operations

Increased network traffic often overwhelms your critical monitoring tools which end up costing you money. This is why Gigamon offers purpose-built service provider solutions that reduce costs and give you better visibility into your network traffic, ultimately enhancing network performance and customer satisfaction.

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