Protect your infrastructure

Insight and GFI Software help you monitor your applications, secure your communications and maintain compliance.

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Controlling your network just got easier.

GFI Software puts you in the driver’s seat of all of your infrastructure-related software needs.


An intuitive dashboard helps you track any vulnerabilities across your network and see every application.


Simple setup and a vast range of products streamline installation and management of your security software.


Every aspect of your business, including mobile devices, communications and your cloud, stays protected.

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Introducing GFI Unlimited

GFI offers a simple software subscription plan that gives you access to a wide range of products. You can add software licenses as needed, benefit from limitless installations and connect with free technical support. And, a flat monthly fee may deliver significant cost savings.

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Amplify your subscription.

You can layer additional application offerings in Kerio Control and LanGuard through GFI Unlimited for even more robust security and control.

GFI Software EndPointSecurity


Portable storage device protection helps you manage leak assessments, data and access control.

GFI Software EventsManager


Active network monitoring and data analysis logs provide comprehensive IT infrastructure visibility.

GFI Software OneGuard


Network security and resource management tools deliver real-time anti-virus and patch management.

GFI Software WebMonitor


URL and web filtering simplify governance of your website traffic, internet bandwidth, usage and browsing.

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Safeguard your network traffic.

Kerio Control is a unified threat management solution that uses a firewall, deep packet inspection and advanced network routing capabilities to keep threats at bay. You can customize traffic policies by application or URL via convenient, centralized management.

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Stay a step ahead of threats.

GFI LanGuard® helps you automatically see vulnerabilities within your network and install patches. It scans your network and creates a full list of applications, devices and the current security state of each. This allows you to maintain compliance and discover weaknesses early.

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FI Unlimited communications software

Secure communication

A range of GFI Unlimited communications software enhances defense and extends your control. From cloud-based email archiving and email security to archive optimization, fax capabilities and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) across your enterprise, GFI Software gives you peace of mind.

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