Why choose Druva?

Data is at the core of digital innovation; it’s crucial to keep it secure. Since Druva solutions are built on AWS® and offered as a service, your workloads can be easily managed and protected. Operating costs are also reduced due to successful software management and capacity planning.

Secure data in the cloud.

With one-click disaster recovery and automated runbook execution, you’ll be able to eliminate data recovery complexities with ease.

Reduce TCO.

Save money and drive down Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) up to 50% with Druva’s cloud-native backup and disaster recovery system.

Save time.

Manage and secure all your data from one interface that’s always available and can get your business up and running within 15 minutes.

Druva inSync Interface

Backup the cloud with Druva inSync.

Druva inSync delivers cohesive data protection and information governance that simplifies data backup and device management — perfect for the mobile workforce. This solution ensures the protection of end-user data at a low cost while increasing data visibility. It’s also compliant with Software as a Service (SaaS) programs such as Office 365®, G Suite and Salesforce.

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Druva Phoenix Interface

Accelerate growth with Druva Phoenix.

Say hello to the cloud-based model that will accelerate your business’s transformation to the cloud, improve resilience and reduce infrastructure management. Druva Phoenix offers a triple threat combination of high-performance, scalable all-in-one backup and disaster recovery. It decreases the time and money spent on these efforts by leveraging the elasticity and scale provided by the cloud.

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Druva CloudRanger Interface

Ensure data protection with Druva CloudRanger.

Druva CloudRanger is an easy-to-use, backup and disaster recovery system designed for AWS workloads. This enterprise-ready data protection solution is built for the cloud era and delivers accessible, scalable and autonomous data resilience that keeps your information protected — and your business strong.

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