Insider threat detection and response

Code42® solutions, available from Insight, help businesses quickly detect and respond to data risks — avoiding insider threat surprises without disrupting legitimate work.

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Managing the risks of a remote workforce

Help security teams detect when employees put data at risk and speed up investigation time.

Secure collaboration.

Gain insight into the use of unsanctioned cloud sync applications, and uncover gaps in corporate tools or training.

Pinpoint risky activity.

View off-network file activity such as web uploads and cloud sync apps, and quickly react to data exfiltration by remote employees.

Improve response time.

Receive activity alerts based on file type, size or count, and access detailed user activity profiles to speed response time.

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Focused risk detection

Code42 allows you to decide criteria for alerts based on user, data exfiltration, and file count or size. You’ll be able to detect when users move files to removable media web browsers, applications and cloud sync folders — and identify files that are shared externally via corporate drive and box accounts.

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Fast investigation

With Code42, you can quickly access files to determine their sensitivity and value. You’ll also be able to restore files that have been deleted, or recover files from lost and stolen devices.

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Quickly investigate insider threats.

Code42 gives you access to extensive file details alongside device information like hostnames and IP addresses. All of your file activity is indexed and made searchable, reducing the time it takes to detect and respond to insider threats. Code42 also allows security teams to review event activity in seconds, even when devices are offline.

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