Integrate with Automate.

AutoMate and AutoMate BPA Server, the award-winning IT and business process platforms, integrate and automate the applications and technologies that drive your business.

Supported technologies include:

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    Microsoft® Exchange

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    Office 365

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    Active Directory®

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM logo

    Microsoft Dynamics® CRM

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    terminal emulation

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    Amazon Web Services

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Drag-and-drop user interface

AutoMate 10

AutoMate delivers a Windows®-based automation development, deployment and execution environment that allows you to deliver consistent, frequent, value-added IT and business process automation.

This is all wrapped in a drag-and-drop user interface that increases efficiency and productivity. Now, you can reduce and integrate your script writing for batch files, SQL administration, VBScript and more.

BPA Server 10 workflow designer

BPA Server 10

AutoMate BPA Server expands the ease of use and power of AutoMate to deliver network- and agent-based automation across your organization.

BPA's workflow designer adds a collaborative, distributed feature, enabling you to create graphical representations of IT and business process execution, and orchestrate deployment and control over execution.

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