Robust & adaptable solutions

Insight and ATDEC know technology plays a crucial role in any business environment. We’re dedicated to providing modular, future-proof desk and wall mounts to help increase employee efficiency and productivity.

Mount anything, anywhere.

ATDEC’s mounting solutions provide ergonomics and plenty of desk space to maximize retail aesthetics.

Wall mount

Infinite versatility

The monitor mounts allow interactive and effortless ergonomic adjustments to ensure every workspace is right for you.

Monitor and laptop connected to wall mounts

Elegant simplicity

These mounts can be set to meet any individual requirements, like height, tilt and display orientation, for any permanent workstation setup.

Two screens mounts back to back

Modular & adaptable

You’ll be able to create unique workspaces for any multiuser environment with a flexible range of modular mounts.

Clean and organized office

Healthcare solutions

ATDEC knows the importance of maintaining a clean and safe work environment, especially in the healthcare industry. Its sit-to-stand workstation mounts come with an antimicrobial finish to reduce cross contamination and meet your environment needs.

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POS installed in mount

POS mounts

No matter what type of Point-of-Sale (POS) system your business operates on, ATDEC solutions can meet the needs of any high-demand retail environment, allowing you to amplify your checkout efficiency.

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