Radically simple remote monitoring

Together, Insight and APC offer solutions that protect your physical infrastructure by providing 24/7 visibility into the health of your assets with live data, smart alarming and data-driven insights sent straight to your smartphone. With EcoStruxure IT Expert, you get protection you can trust.

Problems solved by EcoStruxure IT Expert

Say goodbye to complex spreadsheets and hello to a simple, efficient way of keeping tabs on your multi-vendor physical infrastructure and equipment. EcoStruxure IT Expert is a cloud-based monitoring and management software that utilizes predictive failure analytics for optimized inventory and risk management.

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Ensure that your physical infrastructure is providing the backup time and availability required for efficiency.

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Maintain uptime for your data centers with cloud-based monitoring and alarm management — ensuring peace of mind whether remote or on-site.

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Inventory management provides an overview of the physical location of your assets to enable multi-site, remote management.

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Reduce risk and improve efficiencies.

With EcoStruxure IT Expert, you reduce the risk of downtime by monitoring the health of your devices. You’ll also benefit from real-time performance and alarm data. Both of these increase the efficient use of your time, while lowing operational risks.

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Built for hybrid IT environments

APC EcoStruxure IT delivers data center management as a service in a vendor-neutral architecture. View insights into your data center assets, along with recommendations on how to strengthen your performance and lower your risk. The best part: You can see it all on your smartphone.

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A nimble approach to protection

EcoStruxure lets you access your data in three ways, enabling you to adapt rapidly to your changing demands — without compromising availability.

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IT gateway

This free software manages your communication with all monitored devices for increased visibility into what’s happening.

IT app

Alarm notifications are delivered to your smartphone in the event of an infrastructure issue. And you can instantly view data.

Web interface

A multisite remote management web interface delivers a comprehensive overview of your entire physical infrastructure.

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Improve IT outcomes.

A school district built an efficient infrastructure monitoring system using software from APC. In an area where outages are common, 24/7 monitoring and instant alerts bring peace of mind and increase availability.

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