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Focus on what counts. Altair Monarch enable you to spend more time harnessing valuable insights and conquering data preparation and extraction.

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Reduce preparation.

Significantly lower the time it takes to prepare data. Quickly capture data in PDF files, text or other report formats.

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Automate integration.

Extract and compile all of your data in one business intelligence tool, such as Tableau®, for analysis with dashboards.

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Improve data quality.

Remove discrepancies with single source. Create comprehensive and accurate reports using one pool of all data.

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Monarch Complete

Access and analyze data from any source, without waiting for IT or a data science team to curate and prepare it for analysis. Pull data from all sources, including PDFs and text files — and view them in analysis-friendly tables. Clean data and join multiple data sets in just a few clicks.

Monarch Complete lets you effortlessly create reports and prepare for financial audits. Perform processes that take days in just minutes. Repeat tasks across multiple data sets to conserve time and focus.

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Monarch Server

Allow employees at all levels to access and collaborate high-quality data preparation tools. With Monarch Server from Datawatch, you can store and share models created on a desktop to a centrally managed server that runs on premises.

Remove unnecessary manual steps from repeatable processes and make it easy for users to consume and access the data. Fully automate your data preparation tasks so that prepared data sets are sent and accessible to all users and systems.

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