The tools you need to run smarter

Our Software Asset Management tools provide a simple, seamless experience as you track, analyze and manage assets throughout the entire software lifecycle — so you can cut costs, avoid audits and optimize resources.

Insight's Enterprise License Dashboard

Gain clarity and control.

Get high-level snapshots of your entitlement and compliance position with the Enterprise License Dashboard. Designed to simplify and automate the process, the dashboard provides a hands-off approach to maintaining compliance, eliminating the need for complex licensing knowledge.

The Enterprise License Dashboard’s “Top 5” feature lets you quickly identify where you are over and under licensed. This feature allows you to drill down into the license position of each product, providing detailed information on your licenses and installations so you can focus on specific areas that need attention.

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Integrate and simplify.

Enterprise License Manager gives you full and seamless integration with your existing environment. It communicates with asset discovery, inventory tools, procurement and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, enabling you to:

  • Eliminate the need to replace existing technologies.
  • Improve decision-making for license availability & reuse.
  • Get immediate access to software.
  • Properly maintain licensing control.

Connect and collaborate.

With global visibility, you can automatically direct users to an optimized view for their particular needs. Multicurrency and multilingual support give you flexibility while you reduce touchpoints within the environment. This boosts productivity, cuts costs and reduces risks. 

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Empower your staff with a self-service portal.

The enterprise application self-service portal provides support for multiple levels of workflows and requests — from administrators to managers and end users.

Use available and harvested licenses to avoid unnecessary purchases. And with an integrated entitlement and compliance repository, you can manage entitlements, compliance and usage information in a single system.

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Support beyond the tools

Our robust capabilities can guide you during your entire Software Asset Management journey. With a holistic approach, we offer consulting, reconciliation and managed services that help you throughout your software lifecycle.

Make the most of your assets.

Get the unmatched visibility and control that will help your business run smarter.

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