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Demo: Cisco’s Software Lifecycle Management Through Insight

6 Apr 2017 by Insight Editor

Network giant Cisco is becoming more of a software company, focusing primarily on security, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the cloud. What will this mean for your business?

Learn what’s behind the transition and how Insight’s software experience puts us in a unique position to help you through this evolution. You’ll get an in-depth overview of Cisco ONE, Enterprise License Agreements (ELAs) and other software purchasing models, as well as a demo of the Insight Services Portal, which simplifies Smart Net Total Care contract management.

Presented by Alex Downs, Tony Mai and Billy Marsh

Head shot of Alex Downs

Alex Downs

Alex came to Insight from Cisco to develop Insight’s Cisco ONE business. Under his guidance and Insight’s best-in-class software pedigree as Microsoft’s largest global reseller, Insight has become a top five partner for Cisco ONE in less than a year.

Head shot of Tony Mai

Tony Mai

Tony’s seven years as a subject matter expert on Cisco have taught him to streamline processes, provide solutions and become an invaluable resource to sales and clients. The most important actions for him are great customer experiences and top-notch execution.

Head shot of Billy Marsh

Billy Marsh

Billy has been involved with the Cisco® software business since 2013, when Cisco first introduced its software initiatives. Since then, he’s served as a pre-sales Cisco software licensing consultant, adoption specialist, operations lead and lifecycle management strategist.