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An Effective Way to Manage Your IT Infrastructure

20 Mar 2018 by Joanna Furlong

IT professionals today straddle two worlds: They must continue to manage legacy systems while making a fundamental shift to modern environments ruled by virtualization, the cloud and technologies backed by complex software.

Although the pressure to avoid downtime and protect your organization’s network has remained constant, your management tasks have become quite complex. After all, managing IT infrastructure from multiple eras while striving to maintain or decrease costs isn’t exactly easy.

And the costs are high. According to the 2017 Insight Intelligent Technology Index, 37% of IT budget is dedicated solely to maintaining IT infrastructure and operations. CIOReview describes the complexity of managing legacy systems and upgrades well: “In addition to aging servers and software, some organizations may have dozens of combinations of software infrastructure stacks, multiplying the complexity, and cost of maintaining the environment.”

Simplified infrastructure management

To address these challenges, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has developed HPE OneView, an integrated platform designed to make IT infrastructure management easy. HPE OneView takes each of your infrastructure elements — servers, storage and networking — and transforms them into a software-defined infrastructure. It combines technical data points with ease of use, enabling you to accomplish a lot more in a far less amount of time.

Here’s how that plays out: An intuitive dashboard allows for centralized control and instant visibility into what’s happening across your network. That’s accompanied by automated workflows and streamlined deployments. Users report simplification of tasks with features such as automated error reporting and firmware updates, and straightforward setup and maintenance.

Get more work done, faster.

At the core of HPE OneView is the concept that doing away with separate management tools for servers, storage, networking and facilities can lead to a big leap forward in productivity. HPE OneView adopts a unified approach to management, allowing for automation, the use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and a friendly user interface. Benefits include:

  • Deployments made easy: HPE OneView removes the hassle that IT administrators often experience when updating requirements. Software-defined resources, such as templates, profiles and groups, provide a foundation for quickly defining configurations — but still give you the flexibility and control to tailor them to your needs.

  • A single view of your IT infrastructure: Quickly check on the status of thousands of servers and enclosures across global data center locations, with one global dashboard. Effective and centralized monitoring, accessible across your operations team, can save man-hours, reduce your downtime and allow for rapid response to incidents.

  • A software-defined platform: Experience the convenience of taking a programmatic view of your IT infrastructure. You can control your infrastructure via a developer’s hub and a single, unified API.

Invest in your existing HPE infrastructure.

HPE OpenView makes sense for organizations that want to connect the various elements of their existing HPE infrastructure. It delivers the solution many organizations have been seeking, by simplifying their administrators’ days, driving efficiency throughout their operations, and allowing them to allocate costs and resources to higher-priority initiatives.

Simplify your infrastructure management.

Insight and HPE will help you automate tasks, manage multiple environments and save time.

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