Infographic Top Five Benefits of IT

20 Mar 2019

IT procurement doesn’t have to be inefficient. E-procurement platforms help your business streamline the process from start to finish with a multitude of helpful features.

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Top 5 Benefits of E-commerce for IT Procurement Infographic

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Top Five Benefits of IT E-procurement

When you leverage an online purchasing platform, you can drive down costs and improve efficiency through automation — so you can spend more time focusing on the future of your business.


You don’t have time to search for products on multiple sites or call someone to put in an order. E-procurement gives you 24/7 access to the technology you need at the best price available.


You need uniformity across your organization. Some e-procurement platforms feature tools such as company standards and custom catalogs that ensure employees only purchase pre-approved devices.


Manually approving every purchase is a time-intensive process. With customized approval routing, it’s easy to make approval decisions for online purchases and accelerate the IT procurement process.


Smarter buying decisions start with solid data. The reporting and tracking capabilities of e-procurement platforms help you see past order behaviors so you can better plan for the future.


You need to get the most out of your IT assets. With the right online purchasing tool, you can leverage self-service features that streamline lifecycle management, from initial purchasing to renewals.

With Insight’s e-procurement platform, you’ll enjoy all these benefits — and then some. This best-in-class purchasing service helps you optimize your IT investments with a customized dashboard built to solve your organization’s procurement challenges.

So whether you need better reporting capabilities or a more streamlined approval process, has the tools you need to invest smarter.