• How can I check on orders placed?

    Navigate to “my cloud dashboard” and select “orders”

  • Why does my order not appear in “Orders”

    Orders only displays new subscription purchases. Changes to existing subscriptions can be viewed in the Related order section of each subscription.

    Dashboard > Subscription > Related orders

  • How do I convert quotes/cart to orders?

    Products can be saved to cart for later action, navigate to “Tools > Saved Cart” Select a saved cart and place order. If in the existing cart proceed to checkout.

  • How do I cancel an item ordered in error?

    Once order has completed processing go to subscriptions, click on subscription ordered in error and click “cancel subscription”.

  • How do I cancel and request a refund?

    Once order has completed processing go to subscriptions, click on subscription you want to cancel, and click “cancel subscription”. A credit will be issued for any unused portion.

  • What is the cancel policy?

    Clients may cancel a subscription at any time.

  • How do I retrieve my saved cart?

    Navigate to Tools and click on saved carts. Select and restore the cart.

  • Can I save & print my shopping cart?

    While in cart click “save for later” in upper right hand corner. To print you would navigate to saved carts, find cart, download cart. The downloaded cart appears in the bottom left corner of the screen where you can open and  print.

  • How do I increase my subscription count?

    Navigate to My Cloud Dashboard, click on subscription to edit, then click on Modify subscription.

  • Why can’t I assign licenses?

    CMP functionality is limited if Insight has not been provided Delegated Access on your Microsoft Portal.  Please provide access, or contact cloudenablement@insight.com should you require assistance.

  • How do I add users to my Cloud Management Platform account?

    Navigate to My Cloud Dashboard, Click on “Users”, click on “Add User” in top right corner and fill out required information.

  • How do I remove users from my Cloud Management Account?

    Navigate to Cloud Dashboard, click on "users", click on “deactivate user”. A User can only be deactivated once their licenses have been removed.

  • How do I re-activate a user?

    If user is still visible click on the User you want to restore and click on “Re-activate”.  If user is no longer visible, create new user.

  • How do I change my password?

    Navigate to My Cloud Dashboard, go to account, click on “pencil icon” next to passwords section.

  • Can I add additional licenses to a subscription?

    Publishers place restrictions to on placing multiple orders for some products which may limit your ability to do so.  Please contact cloudenablement@insight.com if you have additional questions.

  • How do I change my billing email address?

    Send a request to CloudEnablement@Insight.com (US & Canada only)

  • How do I place additional AWS subscriptions

    AWS orders require a unique admin per subscription so another User will need to place the order.

  • How do I get technical support?

    For North America  and Canada we can be contacted via email at CSP.support@insight.com, via phone at 800.535.1506, or you can contact us through the service now portal.

  • What is the link for Service Now?

    You can reach the Service Now Portal at https://services-na.insight.com

  • What is the type of support would I receive under the CSP Program?

    You can view what is covered here https://www.insight.com/microsoft-csp-agreement