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Experience immersive tools for an exciting learning experience.

Reimagining the classroom

Logitech video collaboration tools better serve students while supporting new ways of teaching and learning.

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Immersive video

Logitech provides video collaboration solutions that help teachers create an exciting, engaging learning experience.

remote learning

Boundless learning

A student’s world unfolds when they have the ability to learn without boundaries, express themselves and embrace their unique learning style.

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Affordable solutions

Optimize resources by standardizing on budget-friendly solutions that are easy and quick to set up, and compatible with multiple cloud-based platforms.

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Transform education for better student outcomes

Video collaboration tools can maintain and enhance education scenarios across teaching and learning, including interactions between faculty, teachers and parents — and even guest lectures and field trips.

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Purpose-built for classroom whiteboard sharing

The right hybrid solution helps students see, hear and understand the instructor. Now with Logitech’s Scribe, students can also stay engaged with whiteboards in the classroom.

teacher and students in classroom

Logitech Scribe – whiteboard capture camera


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Your end-to-end partner for education

Insight Public Sector has the experience needed to outfit your classrooms with today’s top tech for education. Learn how our team of education consultants will leverage decades of experience to solve your most complex challenges.

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Upgrade your classroom.

Team with Insight Public Sector and equip your classroom with Logitech’s solutions for education.

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