Government digital infrastructure

An integrated system for a modern environment.

Modernize your IT infrastructure with Dell EMC Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI. The enterprise-grade solution offers multiple node configurations with automated lifecycle management for a scalable and custom environment. The all-in-one HCI leverages Dell Technologies’ proven, enterprise-class deployment, support and experience.

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Woman using thin client

Bolster mobility with Dell thin clients.

When it comes to client computing, security is paramount especially given the need for greater mobility, protection of classified information and support for a geographically distributed workforce that may include multiple agencies or contractors. 

Wyse thin client highlights

Thin client slick design

Secure by design

Virus- and malware-resistant thin clients with an unpublished API and zero attack surface mitigate threats at the network edge.

Dell thin client


Automatic configuration upon boot reduces the need for deskside support. Systems are ready to use within 10 minutes of initial deployment.

Dell thin client size comparison

Flexible by function

Support a wide range of peripherals such as bar code scanners, receipt printers, monitors and displays.

The most secure Ultrabook for government agencies

Dell Technologies offers a line of secure, durable and performative Ultrabook devices to make sure your agency operates efficiently — and your information is protected. These Ultrabook devices are built to perform and last, making them a great investment. Strong, mobile and durable, the Dell™ Latitude™ 7000 series is sure to meet your agency’s operational needs.

image of AI chart

Built-in AI for personalized productivity

Dell Latitude PCs are now powered by Dell Optimizer — AI software that propels your workday with:

  • ExpressResponse: Automatic settings adjustments for ultra-nimble performance
  • ExpressCharge: Technology that learns day-to-day charging habits to ensure your battery operates at full potential
  • ExpressSign-in: A PC proximity sensor that automatically wakes up when you're close — and locks when you walk away
  • Intelligent Audio: Smart adjustments of background noise and speech volume for a refined audio experience

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An image of the military using the ultrabook

Durable and secure

Dell Technologies offers a series of Ultrabook devices that are lightweight, durable, secure and performative to help ensure your agency can operate smoothly and efficiently. The non-touchscreen models feature a durable aluminum design with a soft-touch paint finish. For the touchscreen models, the screen is wrapped in a strong and attractive carbon fiber for added durability. The optional backlit keyboard feature on both models makes it easy to type in dark environments.

typing laptop computer

Powerful data protection

Learn a new way to accelerate IT transformation in this one-page graphic, with actual figures about Dell EMC® PowerProtect® cybersecurity solution. See how both your budget and data will benefit.

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See firsthand what IT transformation looks like.

At Insight, we understand that your organizational needs are unique. That’s why we’re offering complimentary assessments of your current infrastructure. We can also make tailored recommendations based on your needs, eliminating any uncertainties before implementation.

Data solutions from Insight and Dell Technologies

Accelerate efficiency, implement secure governance and eliminate the heavy costs of legacy infrastructures.

Professionals drawing strategy on whiteboard.

Employ a modern data strategy.

Digital infrastructure offers an agile and secure platform for your most important assets.

Business professionals planning their IT evolution.

Evolve from the burden of outdated IT.

Legacy infrastructure technology can come with heavy costs and high risks.

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Choose peace of mind.

Dell Technologies IT solutions come equipped with intelligent and secure data storage.


The path to software defined: Easier than ever

Deliver a cloud-like experience on premises with an easy-to-manage platform. Dell EMC VxRail™ is a rack-scale, hyper-converged system that delivers a powerful mix of performance, resilience and flexibility.

Scale effortlessly as your needs change and enjoy one-touch upgrades all through a single pane of glass.

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Dell emc unity listicle

Meet Dell EMC Unity XT.

Dell Unity XT all-flash and hybrid storage arrays set new standards for storage with simplicity, all-inclusive software, blazing speed, optimized efficiency and multi-cloud enablement – all in a modern NVMe-ready design.

In this datasheet, learn how Unity XT meets the needs of resource-constrained IT professionals.

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Dell emc powerstore datasheet

Dell EMC PowerStore

Meet a modern storage appliance designed for the data era. In this datasheet, learn how this solution gives you another way to unlock the power of data, regardless of its structure or location.

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Modern Data Architecture for Federal organizations ebook

Data management for tomorrow’s federal needs

Learn the key considerations agencies should focus on when implementing a data management refresh, including security, compliance and modernization.

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Ensuring hyperconverged success

Organizations moving to hyperconverged are often worried they won't be able to deliver the performance they need.

VxRack FLEX with VxFlex OS delivers millions of IOPS at consistent sub-millisecond response times. This powerful system gives you:

  • Standardized and repeatable processes
  • Easy extensibility
  • Simplified operations
  • Reduced risk
  • Superior application performance at scale

Transform your IT.

Federal organizations that implement data center optimization are better equipped to achieve a competitive advantage in today’s digital economy.

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