Infographic: GDPR: Are You Compliance-Ready?

20 Aug 2018

Many organizations are uncertain of how to align themselves with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Symantec explores four easy steps you can take to ensure your business stays compliant.

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GDPR: Are You Compliance-Ready infographic as described by the text below

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Infographic text included for screen readers:

GDPR: Are you compliance-ready?

Are your ready for GDPR? If not, you’re far from alone.

According to Symantec research1:

  • 96% of organizations don’t fully understand GDPR
  • 90% of organizations worried about their ability to comply
  • 22% of organizations in 2016 ranked GDPR compliance as their top priority

Non-compliance penalties

2-4% of an organization’s global annual revenue or $26,000,000, whichever is highest.
And don’t forget: Losing data also risks revenue loss and damage to your brand’s reputation.

Take steps towards mitigating risks

Symantec helps organizations get enhanced visibility and protection of data in support of GDPR compliance.

4 steps to achieve GDPR compliance

  1. Prepare: If you can’t see your data, you can’t protect it. Know where all your data resides in order to assess whether it meets the requirements of GDPR compliance.
  2. 30-40: Average number of cloud apps and services CIOs think their organizations use 1,232: The actual number of cloud apps and services2 that a typical organization uses.

  3. Protect: Exposed data on unsecured systems risks non-compliance. Protect your IT systems from attacks and control data so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, and have the ability to render it unusable if it does.
    • 65% protected health information
    • 26% personally identifiable information
    • 17% payment card information
  4. Percentages of all compliance-related data exposed in file sharing apps by compliance violation type3

  5. Detect: Monitor and pinpoint advanced threats before they occur. Evaluate your current cyber security estate to establish whether the technologies you have in place provide an integrated, real-time defense.
    • 14% of organizations have 50% or more of their employees who are high-risk users
    • 20%4 shadow data’ that is over-shared and at high risk
  6. Respond: Notify authorities and those affected without undue delay. Report all breaches, the likely consequences of a breach, and the action you will take to mitigate adverse consequences.

  7. 1Symantec State of European Data Privacy, October 2016
    2,3,4 Symantec 1H 2017 Shadow Data Report

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