InfographicWhy Red Hat OpenShift?

30 Aug 2017
Why Red Hat OpenShift Infographic

In today’s IT environment, there’s more pressure than ever to deliver apps faster while reducing costs.

Why OpenShift?

Built with proven open source technologies, OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat® helps application development and IT operations teams create and deploy apps with speed and consistency that business demands.

  • Increased speed
  • Reduced cost
  • Lightweight
  • More efficient

Super user experience

Effective and efficient DevOps workflows play a critical role in PaaS to accelerate app delivery.

Standardization through containerization

Natively integrating Docker, Kubernetes by Google, and Atomic, OpenShift Enterprises 3 by Red Hat will deliver evolved PaaS technology to enterprise IT ecosystem.

Take your PaaS further.

Bring large-scale container orchestration and management to the enterprise with OpenShift Enterprise 3.

  • Docker integration provides standardization portable containers for any app, any language, using any tool chain.
  • Web-scale container orchestration with Kubernetes by Google provides intelligent clustering and automated recovery.
  • Integration with RHEL and Atocmic Host provides secure, lightweight, and minimal footprint operating system optimized to run Linux® containers.
  • New web-scale microservices architecture
  • Evolved Linux container technology at the core with Docker
  • New, container-enhanced foundation with
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and Atomic
  • The largest selection of components to create apps
  • New and enhanced xPaaS services for messaging, integration, rules management, and more
  • Container orchestration at scale with Kubernetes
  • Better local development experience with Docker formatted container images
  • New capabilities for provisioning, patching, and managing app containers

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