An intelligent defense

Detect and remove malware in real time. Malwarebytes endpoint protection solutions automatically scan for the newest and most dangerous threats.

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Smart security

Using knowledge of previous attacks, Malwarebytes is able to successfully counter future threats.

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Trusted defense

Unlike traditional anti-virus solutions that fail, Malwarebytes products are used by businesses worldwide.

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Layered protection

A layered approach with multiple detection techniques delivers unparalleled endpoint protection.

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Remove advanced threats.

Breach Remediation allows you to simultaneously detect and remediate malware, greatly reducing the risk of persistent threats. This next-generation advanced threat detection and remediation platform provides:

  • Advanced malware remediation
  • Intelligent proprietary scanning
  • A timeline of forensic events
  • Event logging to a central location

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Detect what others can’t.

Endpoint Security combines industry-leading protection and remediation technologies into one solution. Designed to proactively identify and block threats, this defense model combines advanced malware detection with malicious website and ransomware blocking — along with exploit protection.

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Is Malwarebytes right for you?

Use intelligent endpoint defense from Insight and Malwarebytes to protect your business from threats.

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