Infographic: 5 Ways Machine Learning is Helping Industries Advance

17 Jan 2019

Advanced analytics are helping organizations in every industry make more informed business decisions so they can cut costs, improve the customer experience and embrace innovation.

Accessibility note: The infographic is translated below the graphic.

Infographic of 5 Ways Machine Learning is Helping Industries Advance

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Infographic text included for screen readers:

5 Ways Machine Learning is Helping Industries Advance

Product design

  • Windows of business opportunity can be small in this fast-paced economy, so being able to quickly design and deliver products and services is critical.
  • Machine learning speeds up the validation process by imitating and supporting human validation capabilities and automating the testing process.

Manufacturing & quality control

  • Operations span order-taking, resource procurement, manufacturing and delivery — it’s a delicate ecosystem that can be volatile and needs to maintain high quality levels.
  • With the ability to quickly process more, machine learning technologies can make rapid, insightful decisions and perform data-optimized product testing.

Sales & marketing

  • Today’s customers expect tailored, relevant communications from businesses — knowing your customers is critical to staying competitive.
  • Uncover fresh insights in real time from vast quantities of data by leveraging advanced analytics capabilities.

Healthcare & pharmaceuticals

  • The cost and time to market for new drugs is astronomical and only getting more so — far from ideal when each advancement can make a difference in the lives of millions.
  • Technological innovations such as wearable devices and advanced analytics allow companies to run more accurate clinical trials at a lower cost.

Energy & infrastructure

  • Technology is changing the way we build and maintain buildings. Smart offices, factories, cities and other buildings are the latest in digital innovation.
  • A vast network of sensors connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) make it possible to collect thousands of data points about processes, products and people so you can improve energy efficiency, reduce costs and optimize traffic and maintenance.

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