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Use cutting-edge retail technology from Insight and Intel to attract and retain your customers.

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The right ingredients for retail success

Intel delivers an outstanding platform for creating, managing and securing innovative retail solutions. From back-end management to mobility, get all of the tools you need to compete.

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Responsive design

Explore a range of Intel® hardware, software and services to create a captivating retail experience.

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Relevant experiences

See profit and loyalty soar when you engage customers with real-time inventory management and personalized marketing.

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High-quality solutions

Create solutions that count, from back-end infrastructure to intelligent mobile marketing campaigns.

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Point-of-sale systems

Change the way you sell. Use Point-of-Sale (POS) technology to integrate marketing, pricing, inventory control and loyalty program management in one platform. Bringing these tools together optimizes the sales experience, creating relevant touchpoints that savvy consumers love.

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Digital signage

Get noticed by your customers. Intel digital signage can help you promote new products, special offers or on-point brand messaging. And, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways for you to get your message across.

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Get in front of customers, immediately. Kiosks allow you to deliver real-time information, services and alerts. They also offer marketing insights, audience analytics and more, allowing you to customize the message to meet customers' needs.

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We can help.

See what happens when you can leverage shopper insights in real time. An Insight app powered by Intel makes it easy.

The Responsive Retail Center

Is Intel right for you?

Create a better retail experience and stay ahead of the competition with Insight and Intel.

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