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Provide extraordinary care to your patients

With Intel and Insight, you get a smooth collaboration between patients, care teams and data — using innovative healthcare technology.

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Undeniable reliability.

Now more than ever, healthcare technology is adapting and evolving, from hospitals to at-home care. Insight and Intel offer technology that’s effective and reliable — when and where you need it most.

Ensure the safe travel of information, analytics and data through cloud solutions, available from wherever you need them. Intel delivers healthcare solutions efficiently, through Intel®-powered mobile devices and security that goes where your data travels.

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Enhancing your existing technology

We’ll help you manage existing and new data to keep up with the evolving world of healthcare information with Intel® Healthcare Analytics., Secure with Intel® Cloud and Data and safeguard sensitive information, so that personal data is protected at all times.

Enhance your mobile technology with healthcare solutions that improve quality of care. Upgrade your enterprise mobility strategy using Intel Unite® software that provides secure information sharing through wireless technologies. Store securely with Intel® SSDs that are self-encrypting and ideal for storing data. Read the product brief to learn more.

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Making healthcare mobile

No matter where you are, Intel-powered devices are there with you. By consolidating data to be easily transferred wirelessly, Intel is making mobilizing care faster and more efficient. Wherever information travels, mobile technology is transforming patient care.

At-home care is on the rise, and Intel is moving to distributed care solutions to provide the solutions that providers need for their patients. With a patient-centered network, devices can connect the patient and care team, seamlessly. 

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Advanced security protection

We ensure that personal healthcare information is secure with Intel Healthcare Security. When it comes to compliance and regulation, Intel securities provide accelerated encryption, malware detection, remote management and more.

Medical information needs protection now more than ever. See how Intel Healthcare Security software and hardware protect against data breaches and ensure sensitive information is protected. 

Doctor signing in to patient care portal using his laptop computer powered by Intel

Creating collaborative care

With Intel Clinical Productivity, inpatient processes and individually customized care is improved. Boost productivity by incorporating speedy Intel processors in devices to provide faster testing, diagnosis and communication between healthcare providers.

When making decisions, clinicians rely on technology to make customized care plans using many types of patient data. Intel Clinical Decision Support provides the distribution and readiness of information — and gives clinicians the ability to make informed decisions — with ease.

Doctor signing in to patient care portal using his laptop computer powered by Intel

Transform to modern healthcare.

The new Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors pack performance, security and agility within a new scalable architecture — optimized for a wide variety of workloads. With Insight and Intel solutions, you gain faster insights, enhanced data privacy and much more with the Intel Xeon Scalable processor.

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